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Why did he turn there?
He should have kept going straight.
The highways blocked for repairs.
We should make a detour.
- Stop! Lets give them a lift!
- I cant. Its against regulations.
He didnt pick up those girls.
Hes not a taxi driver. Hes a bandit.
Why did you wait to tell him
who you were?
I wanted to check
if hes really fit for the job.
Did he prove it?
He proved it, Colonel.
Hes perfect!
I never dreamed that hed...
Hit you with the cast?
Yes, sir!
I probably should have...
No sense in it.
Does he agree?
He agrees.
But still, I think we might...
No sense in it.
- May I suggest...
- You may not!
- Maybe you'll let me...
- Yes, do that.
This operation is your baby.
Act as you see right.
Now go on with your report.
Yes, sir. When we became better
acquainted, I outlined our plan...
What do I do now?
Nothing. Live as usual.
Theyre going to bite the bait.
Theyll be watching you,
well be watching them.
As soon as they try to get the cast,
well close the trap.
Like Im the live bait.
I know, Im a fisherman myself.
They might offer to pay a ransom,
but I can bargain too.
I dont think so. Theyre convinced
you dont know a thing.
Theyll want their goods back, without
paying and without your noticing.
How can they take a plaster cast off
without my noticing?
Im not sure how theyll try to do it,
but they can get you drunk,
drug you or knock you out.
Its no problem to do it on someone
whos knocked out or even dead.
Whos dead?
But I dont really think
itll go that far.
Couldnt you let someone else
wear this plaster cast
for a little while?
Well, you can always say no.
No, Im no coward,
Im just afraid.
Afraid I wont be able to do it.
Every man can do many things,
but, sadly enough,
not everyone is aware of it.
Thats right, it happens so often.
Lets set up the liaison.
Now what are you doing,
Semyon Semyonovich?
How are we going to organize it?
In case we must speak to you...
Come to my place.
And when you must speak to us...
Ill call a taxi and give my name.
Then Ill come, or maybe my assistant.
Everything clear?
Thanks very, very much.
And Im sorry I was so...
Forget it, weve seen much worse.
Wont you come up
and meet my wife?
Weve already agreed,
nobody must know about this.
- Not even Nadia?
- No one.
I understand.
Semyon Semyonovich!
Your bags...
Senya, the door.
Welcome back, Semyon Semyonovich!
Sorry that Im so late.
But my social work comes first.
Whats wrong with your arm?
On Wednesday youre giving a lecture.
Weve put up the posters.
Youre the only one from our
community who has ever been there.
The subject is
New York, City of Contrasts.
I havent been to New York,
Ive been to Istanbul.
Istanbul, City of Contrasts.
What difference does it make?
But what about your arm?
A closed fracture. I was knocked out.
When I came to, I had this cast on.
So unpretentious, but in good taste.
Thats really nice!
Oh yes, so whats it about your arm?
Thats for you. A souvenir.
Thank you, Semyon Semyonovich!
Just press the button.
- Isnt it funny?
- Very funny.
Did you see Sophia Loren?
Did you drink Coca-Cola?
How does it taste?
Go to sleep.
Doctors recommend it.
Itll help me sleep.
I read it
in the House and Home magazine.
Tell me exactly
what did you do to your arm?
I slipped, I fell down,
and got a closed fracture.
I knocked myself out,
when I came to I had this cast on.
I heard all that already. Please tell me
the truth, horrible as it may be.
I walked in the street and I slipped...
You never knew how to lie, did you?
I know what happened.
Who told you?
Im sure its not a closed fracture.
What have you got there?
Gold and diamonds.
Stop kidding!
You havent got a closed fracture.
You got a compound fracture!
Lets go to bed now.
You should be killed for that!
Please dont beat me!
Ill fix everything!
I want to see you dead!

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