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Giving you a light.
That's good.
So, a hundred each?
For starters, yes.
Valera, we're here, work it.
- Who's yours?
- A boxer.
I don't respect karate people.
He's not into karate,
he's a kick-boxer.
He'll beat the shit out of yours.
Valera, work!
- Is the fresheryours?
- The fresher?
He's the master!
I see. He'll do Cat in.
Kill the boxer!
Beat him harder!
The moles!
I'm begging you to stop.
I'll deal with Belov, I'll
punish him there.
That's OK, in the cops'
line of work,
We've decided everything with
Swede, Serega.
What does Swede have to do with it?
Bro', that's OK, all's fine.
Let's have another 200 against yours.
I see it.
Don't go anywhere, it'll be the fight.
Don't prophesy ill.
He's fit only to punch the bag.
Don't stop, use your foot!
Cosmos, take Phil away!
Leave him.
The cops are coming.
Where is he?
Relax, it's over
That's it, you're the best.
Got to go.
You should understand, I only
wanted to stop them.
I fired in the air, check it.
Owning a firearm, that's a fiver,
minimum, even if it's cleared.
That's you, the bitch!
Hush now.
Quiet, quiet.
Here's the deal, young eagle.
I'll confiscate it now.
You're going home to tell your
wife not to worry,
in the morning you're boarding
the plane and disappear from
Moscow for a month.
I'll find you.
I'm ready, let's go, do you want me
to pay you now, how much?
We'll talk about it later.
Now beat it, not a whiff of you.
And don't blabber.
Let's go.
I didn't get it.
Who fired in the air?
The barrel-chested one.
With a crewcut?
You OK, Phil?
- Put something on.
- I'm fine, lost my trainers.
It's nothing, you lost your cap.
what day is it today?
What's wrong?
I don't remember anything.
Bad business...
I didn't remember it on our way here.
What is my name?
Come on, stop it!
A zoophile!
You've busted Cat.
Like a hot-water bottle.
The hot-water bottle fought back.
Make a list and send it to the
prosecutor's, quick.
- Did you sleep well?
- Fine,
the head's splitting.
I sympathize with you, Volodya.
That was his fate.
He was looking for death.
Have you found any weapons?
No, not even
an empty shell.
Like it's evaporated.
The villains have prob'ly
swept the place.
I could help you
in this matter.
Let's step aside.
Well, Venya, will you come with
me to scare the institute's board?
Ax t.
Mom, I don't like him being called
Venya. I'll call him Vulcan.
Vulcan be it. I'm gone.
Take an umbrella, it drizzles.
I'm not made of sugar.
Vulcan you are.
Let's go.
Come to me,
let's be friends.
My good one.
Here's your master
coming for his umbrella.
Let's go, my golden one.
Who do you need?
Tatiana Ivanovna Belova?
It's me.
Captain Kasyanov. May I come in?
- Is your son at home?
- No.
What's wrong?
Your son is charged with murder,
Article 102.
What are you saying?
Show her the order.
Sorry, we'll have to
make some mess here.
It's a mistake, he's just come
back from service.
He's entering an institute.
Sorry, we're on duty.
This is a misunderstanding...
Calm down and have a seat.
Give me that umbrella.
I sympathize.
Are you kidding?
C'mere. Are you from here?
Have any documents?
Driver's License.
Let's see it.
What kind of name is that, Cosmos?
It's Greek.
Alright, Mars, you'll be the witness.
Wait, I'm in a hurry.
It won't take long.
What's up, Tania?
Is Sanya in trouble?
Come in, don't be shy.
Wait here.
Stay calm, let's go.
You were together.
We were.
They say he killed someone.
This is a horrible mistake..
Where is he?
He just left, they came and
said he'd killed someone.
Witness, follow us.
Auntie Tania, calm down,
everything's gonna be alright.
A TT pistol, 9 mm, caliber 38,
1 clip, 17 cartridges.
And a distinct smell of gunpowder.
Run it through the database.
Please sign the statement of seizure.
Don't worry, there's nothing to fear,
it's just a formality.
Thanks, witness, you may go

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