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- I've put it there.
Vladimir, are you at home?
How do you like?
My fronds presented me this Svetlana.
Vladimir, you're crazy.
Isn't short Natasha?
If I understood you then
you will base your election campaign
on the strong determined
manly character, a leader.
The plan is good enough
but it's so to say aggressive.
You are agree with me
Alexander Nicholaevich.
Guys I don't know.
This is all so new to me and that's
why you're here. Have a seat please.
From my point of view Alexander Nicholaevich
you have to go away in your campaign from the person
who lives among money and everything
that is connected with them.
We have to find that traits of character
that will help people to see a man in you.
Hey, we have to look for a man in me.
Thank you Natasha.
You didn't understand us
he was meaning that...
- I was meaning the wanted man.
- You have to make an image.
Then I got everything right.
I don't think so.
No, everything is all tight, you just tell me
where to look for him.
Undoubtedly your family, kids and wife.
Your friends and relatives.
Biography, service in the army.
- Your good deeds.
- Your interests, passion, hobby.
- Contacts in creative society.
- Your help to kids, orphans, invalids.
- Care about sportsmen.
- Stop, You compromise me.
- Come on, let's start with your family.
- Family is the most important.
All right.
- Dad, Dad.
- Hi little devil. Why are you so light?
Did you refuse to eat a pap.
Come on get in the car, we'll go now.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hi Max.
- You're a public person now?
- Yes.
Pull yourself up, pull up.
In the village I'm always among you.
Your photo is on every post.
- You look very good, ruddiness.
- Fresh air
- I've have an offer to you for 100 million.
- Come on, cash?
- Where're you going now?
- We'll see.
Well dear which target will you shoot?
Maybe that man?
No, they're carrying out their mission.
- Maybe we'll shoot the animals
- No, they're poor-they have sons.
Come on, I'll give you ear-flaps.
Which do you want, red?
That way.
But the world is a little deaf in them.
Where's the gun?
- Wait a moment.
- Where's this moment. It's over.
- Here is it. Take it.
- Thank you.
Hold it with both hands when you aim,
it helps sometimes when you aim too long.
It's bad for the accuracy.
- Dad, I saw everything in the films.
- Well that was films, dear.
Take with one hand. Right.
Take with both hands.
No, look, clasp your left to this place
and place your right a little lower.
Place your forefinger on the cock.
Aim with you left eye, close the right one.
Think about the target,
breathe regularly.
Then hold your breath and pull the trigger.
Got it?
Think about a target, well.
Where did it fall?
And what did you hit? Did you shoot
the left one or the right one Vania?
- Where did you aim at?
- At the target.
Look like your dad will shoot.
Dad, you look like Batman.
A man who was a bat.
Learn while I'm alive.
Dad let me have a look.
Wow dad. Bullseye. How did you do that...
You won't leave us?
- Never never?
- Never.
Sonny, remember our deal.
Sure. Granny we've been to the Zoo,
it was so cool there!
Good evening.
- Take of your boots, or you'll mark the floor.
- Gloves are not damp.
- I said good evening.
- Good evening.
- What's this?
- Conspirer.
- I see, you've been shooting monkeys.
- Well Vania don't worry, everything will be OK.
- Are you crazy?
- Where's the pullover?
Mother that's my fault.
Undress, have supper and go to bed.
You have rehearsal early.
I'll bring the pullover.
Did you make up?
You wanted to talk, tell me.
- Treat something to me, do you have cracknels?
- Who are you making of our son Sash?
Hey, take it easy Olga. He'll study in England.
Everything will be all right.
He is a guy and you tortures
him with your violin.
I don't torture him. He likes it.
Yeah, you're mother, you know


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