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Alexey Shelygin
RTV Producer
Valery Todorovsky
Produced by
Alexander Akopov
Anatoly Sivushov
General Producer
Alexander Inshakov
Episode 2
What now, mom?
I don't understand you.
It's time you think about
choosing a bride, but you...
I'm thinking about it,
first thing in the morning.
Why is it so expensive? You
could buy a cow with that money.
It's of ancient pedigree.
The Celts used it.
What Celts?
The warriors, mom.
Is it fluffy?
It's smooth.
What, like a dachshund?
The height's 70 cm, and it
weighs like a dolphin.
Well, mom?
I've told you, no.
We could spend that money for
bribing your way to the institute.
- Mommy dearest.
- Am a mommy to you?
Mom, please. Loan it to me
for a month, mom.
What's next, loaning in the
Who does it?
Are we strangers after all?
That's it, like a bride.
You silly boy.
Why are we so noisy, boys?
We have a new fighter, he's
kicked Mukhin's ass.
Trampled him practically,
like a rhinoceros.
You'd better tell me the name
of your cutthroat.
Sanya the White.
Is he thinking of growing up?
Could we talk to him?
I wanted to get him involved in
the movement, but he's stubborn.
Watch it, Cosmos, Fly won't
forgive it.
He'll get his revenge.
Who comes to us with a knife,
will die of a bullet.
Don't sleep!
You'll sleep forever now!
- Come, Kosmos.
- Come.
- Take care of yourself and your friends,
and good luck in our tough job.
Svetik, I've eaten, don't worry.
I ate a cutlet.
No, I've eaten a cutlet.
That's it, I have people here.
Vladimir Yevgenyevich, I have
ops info on Belov and Co.
Why are you so official?
Be unsophisticated. Have you
...talked to the district cop?
They seem to have a full-scale
criminal group there.
We strangled them, but no use.
Is there a song like this?
This is all very very well.
Yep. In rain or shine just to
be with you.
This is very very...
A real singer you are.
Muslim Kobzon.
Sorry, sir.
Is Filatov here?
He is.
I was afraid of it.
Anything wrong?
It could be worse.
Do you have frequent headaches?
It happens, when I drink too much.
I'm joking, I don't indulge.
Tell it to your coach.
How long have you been training?
A long time, about 10 years.
Are you a candidate of sports?
Right, this is an old record.
I became a master in winter.
Listen, master, you're not the
first, unfortunately.
A lot of people have changes in
the cortex by this time.
irreversible, unfortunately.
I don't get it.
Your boxing days are over.
Or you'll be like Muhammed Ali,
with grave consequences.
Have you seen the L.A. Olympics'
opening ceremony?
So what?
Parkinson's disease, it's serious.
What does Ali have to do with it?
Just look at me.
I can crush walls with my head.
Not in my office.
I'm sending the verdict to the HQ,
let them think.
Do what you want.
No choice?
I dunno, what choices are there?
I'm not God.
I see you're a good boy, maybe
I could help you.
You could perform not only
in the rings, right?
Alright, I'll help you, but
this will remain between us.
Do you agree?
It depends.
We'll negotiate it.
Gimme a cigarette.
- You won't like it.
- Why?
Of course I don't, I prefer
You confused me.
Cosmos, is all of it ours?
Well, you might keep the stash
yourself one day.
I believe you.
Where are we going?
To pick Sanya up.
Where is he?
Uptown, buying a mastiff.
- Who?
- A dog.
He'd better buy an elephant.
Not enough to feed himself.
What a joy.
It's joy for you, for me it's
joy with tears in my eyes.
It's like giving your own child away.
Here, have him.
A beauty.
Right. A beauty.
You're my darling,
my fighter.
Jim, give me your paw for luck.
Do you have an apartment?
- Two rooms.
- Two rooms.
This is too big, of course.
Generally speaking, I know how to
keep a cow like this.
I just like mastiffs.
Alright. Initially, I'll be coming
to help you.
Wow, you mug, you


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