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A boxer, actor and a stunt man.
- He acted many times in different films.
- I don't. Why do you ask?
Everything could be otherwise there.
Big ring, volcanoes.
Everything settled like it was settled.
- What a pity.
- Yeah, we can't return.
Give me... Hey what's wrong. It's real.
"I don't feel sorry,
I don't live, I don't cry,
everything will go away like
a smoke from the sky... "
Half of life has passed.
Fuck, sorry brother.
Because of me your life is ruined, sorry.
Hey take it easy brother.
Life is life.
At any moment I'll give you my call number.
Call me whenever you need.
I'll do anything for you.
Do you believe me?
- I have a surprise for you.
- Hey, show me.
Sash. Come have a look.
Recognize? What a memory.
- Uh what a face. Give it to me.
- I can't.
- Fuck, you promised to make I present.
- I can't. If you want I can make a xerox copy.
Yes. Make me 5 copies.
What a face. Make 6...
I see a ghost for the first time.
"He destroyed, now he constructs".
- What's wrong? Do you know him?
- A little. Where's the voting?
To State Duma.
Besides, he's a good man.
He'd served in control authorities,
and waged a war in Chechnya.
Then he was wounded. He was in captivity.
How many copies?
- Vladimir, what coffee do you want?
- Black.
You'd changed. You don't embrace me,
don't kiss, even don't say "good morning".
Good morning.
I now you can't forgive me.
But you had women too?
No only men.
Listen, let's go away together,
just go away.
Enough, I've traveled enough.
Everything begins.
Why do you need, Vladimir?
I can't imagine you in politics.
- Wasn't that enough for you?
- Enough. It's time to pay back.
Hey forget about Belov.
They'll get rid of you.
We'll see that, really steal arms?...
Winter 99-th...
Well chaps.
Phil's role in the scheme is not changed.
Bee you're in charge.
There are guns, transport, real estate.
And give a share to Tamara.
Bee will settle everything, yes?
Wonderful. It's Repin.
I draw it for two nights like a fools.
- It's great.
- I painted from life Bee.
Besides I only now realized what
machine did we create.
Beautiful, beautiful but we have to set
everything up again.
Sash, speak out, what does this all mean?
Will you really just quit and that's all?
First of all not just quit.
My share is my share. Aren't you happy?
You've dreamt with Bee about this?
Bee, are you happy.
Happy, happy.
And what will you do?
You'll laugh but Alexander Inshakov invited
me and I'll play the key role in the film... Bullshit.
Well I have one... idea.
Oh, it's me
Well climate. Leonid, I'll go.
Indeed I have to introduce you
to one very important.
But the most important is that
I have a surprise for you.
- I don't like surprises.
- Me too. Take a look.
- What the fuck.
- A rival, Vladimir Yevgenyevich.
Bitch, you got yourself into a mess.
So guy remember what should you do.
I'll check the bugs.
You'll have to check all production,
that are delivered to this building
like pens, notepads, lighters...
OK. There can be transmitters. It's charge
can hold for 6 months. Range is 200 meters.
Max helps please if you can.
Cosmos, what about phones.
I'll send people they'll put the defence.
Hey Cos did you see the film
about James Bond?
They set lasers into the eyes of one guy.
We don't need lasers. Anton worked
with electronics in the Federal Bureau
of governmental connections
and information, got it?
So we have 95% percent defence
from listening.
- We could get 100% for this money.
- No one can give you 100%.
That's bullshit.
Come on, before selections it's all right.
Hide what you want say and listen to others
and finally you'll become a true prince.
Niccolo Machiavelli.
Listen to me Niccolo,
if you'll talk like this to inventors
you'll fly away from here
like a bullet from a gun.
Be plainer and people
will want to be with you.
How can I be simpler?
What? Come on. Let's go.
And I think that we

- Eorin shinbu

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