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silent? Speak!
Well, it's up to you.
What, Sanya, gym, gym?
I'm so nervous. I remember last year
Fly ripped three guys into pieces.
One of those dudes was taken to the Sklif.
The other one lost his mind:
he became a moron
with saliva all over, he sings "Murka. "
yeah. Fly is a pretty dangerous guy.
Thank you, friends.
You always know to support me.
Thanks, thanks.
Come on, Sanya!
You'll be fine. Fly likes to show off,
keep it in your mind.
That guy has a narrow chest.
Look here, this is Fly!
Hello my little Fly, my dear little Fly!
Dear, dear Fly!
Hello my little Fly and goodbye!
Fly! We are in the place!
What's, brothers!
Sash take off your jacket.
What's up Fly?
Get done with him, and have beer?
Here, help me.
Sash, do not get nervous or anything.
Pump up. Hit accurately. Breathe steadily.
As soon as he gets down strike him.
Go, brother.
Hey, clown, areyou ready to guzzle dirt?
You will do that instead of me!
C'mon Fly, kill him!
Cosmos... keep arms on the torso. Ok?
What the hell
there aren't any bullets there.
What's up, you, bastard?
Stay calm. Chill down.
Sash, come on, come on. Escape, escape.
- Beat him up, White!
- Come on, hammer!
Murder him, Sanya!
Go, Sanya, Go! Go! Sanya!
Close you rfly, otherrwise I can rip
off your something by chance!
Not a big deal,
we'll sew it on, guys will help!
- Kill him, Fly, kill him!
- Come on!
- Finish him, Sanya!
- Where, stay! Stand still!
- Go, White, rip him into parts!
- C'mon! C'mon!
Enough dancing! Finish up!
Be quiet, be quiet!
C'mon, kill him! C'mon!
Wait, stay away.
Guys, that's enough!...
Everything is done honestly!
When I see you next time,
I'll fucken kill you!
Guys, stop! It's over!
Sash, want some beer?
What the hell are you doing here?
Why are you here?
I don't get it. Get out, go away...
get the hell out.
Cosmos, back off!
No, Sanya I don't get this maybe
you wonna marry her?
Let's go.
Sash, is that Fly?
- Sash.
- What?
Two years is a lot of time, it's too much time.
It's not my fault.
Whose fault is it?
Whose fault is it?Whose?
Explain it to me, maybe I just
don't understand anything.
If you cheated on me, you might have written
me a letter letting me know what's going on.
I was such a fool, I was so happy
that I'm gonna see you.
I couldn't even eat and sleep.
I thought as soon as
I come back I'll marry you.
Sash, do you want to fuck me?
What a righteous man! He served his term
honestly, and his girlfriend betrayed him!
C'mon fuck me, right here!
You want to do that, right?
Did you fuck Fly lately?
Sasha, I'm so sorry I don't realize
what am I saying.
Forgive me, please. Please, forgive me.
Sash, darling I love you, see.
Get out of my life, that's it! That's it!
Sasha! Sasha!
Congratulations on becoming a senior lieutenant of the Police Deparrtment!
For little colonel! Go! Go!
Let's hope it's not the last one!
Finish it up and you'll become a general!
Go! Come on! Good for you!
Where are you going, Andrey?
Come back! Don't be absent too long!
My congratulations... Can we talk?
Just a second.
- What's up with the uniform?
- A holiday. Did you bring it?
I copied " Rambo. First Blood. "
This is your share.
- What the fuck?
- It's just that I have to go.
- What's wrong?
- It's all good.
I just wanted to tell you, that the conflict
between that dude and Fly is resolved.
- I think he did a good job.
- I don't want to hear anything.
Fly is my cousin. Got it?
I didn't like Belov.
I am not going to stand him.
I'll find away to get rid of him.
- You don't mind, don't you?
- It is up to you?Russian State
TV Company
An Avatar Film Production
Sergey Bezrukov
Dmitry Dyuzhev
Pavel Maykov
Vladimir Vdovichenkov
Yekaterina Guseva
Andrey Panin
in the film
by Alexey Sidorov
The Brigade
Written by Alexey Sidorov
Alexandr Veledinsky
Igor Porublev
Director of Photography
Yury Raysky
Production Designer
Valery Filippov
Music by

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