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Ministry of Finance in 5 minutes
Of course George Petrovich.
- Hello.
- Waiting room.
- Hello, can I talk to Victor Petrovich.
- How can I introduce you?
- Tennis partner.
- One minute please.
- Victor Petrovich, you have a call.
- Yes.
Hello Victor Petrovich,
my name is Valera,
I will talk on behalf of Sasha
about yesterday's events.
Can we meet each other?
All right let's arrange a meeting.
Yes, I know...
I'll be in time.
Who ordered?
Let's look into all this.
What do you want from me?
Sasha refused and I don't know
how to solve this problems.
First of all maybe he refused.
Let me talk to him myself.
Arrange a meeting. Secondly I think
that you can do it yourself
but you're scared
or Belov presses down on you.
But one thing I know that when a man
stops taking his own decisions
he becomes a bottle-washer,
do you understand?
You know I don't care with whom I work.
This maybe you or White.
I want only money and
I don't want to be disturbed.
And If I'll agree what'll be with White?
We'll decide.
...are establishing the borders of their
influence, and they have to fight their rivals...
Hello Sasha. John's got a fever.
I don't know what to do.
We need a doctor or we must
get him to the hospital.
Damn it! I understand.
Call Max.
Max I'm waiting a call. I can't go.
Get them to the regional hospital.
I'll do that.
As soon as Phil comes back
I'll find you.
We'll do everything.
Olga, we set out.
He'll agree. It'll be easier with him.
And White will fry a little.
We you'll take him now.
Such business must be done right away.
Yesterday we acted awry.
Vladimir will cope with this task.
He'll link up him friends.
He'll do it at any cost,
am I right Vladimir?
Hello, Richkov. Rich is that you?
Great. Yes, yes, so-so.
No, what's the business.
Well that's all. Game.
Victor Petrovich, do you give lessons?
...do you give lessons?
They are too expensive.
Let's go and drink some coffee.
Hello, it's Vladimir.
Tell Igor Leonidovich that Lukya
wants me to find Belov.
And If I find him then he'll vanish forever.
What should I do?
On the whole tell Sasha
that I freeze his floaters.
Victor Petrovich, but...
But he is still my friend.
One of my best friends.
Victor Petrovich, understand that
Sasha is under pressure.
He was ready to do many thing for you.
Young man,
I run a great risk by meeting you...
I'll advise him to leave this country.
If everything goes right
he'll come back in 2 years.
You know how it
all passes here in Russia.
Yes, I see. I'm not blind.
Hey just take it easy and don't worry.
They'll examine us, don't move.
Olga. I have two guns.
Stir up Vania.
Olga, please they'll examine us,
we won't venture.
Be damned all of you,
I hate you all freaks.
What's the problem commander?
Hello, I'm Inspector Petrov,
your documents please.
Comrade Inspector, can you act
a little bit faster, we're in a hurry,
my baby is sick, he's got a fever,
please let us through.
Don't worry Olga. We'll go soon.
- Well, is everything all right?
- Yes, sure.
Thank you.
Prepare your luggage rack
for examination, please...
Your luggage rack!
- Sasha, he's got guns!
- Lie down on the ground! Quickly!
Get out from the car!
A wife and a kid with an attendant are caught.
At 11.30 a. m. they passed us.
- This's Moscow?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Hello Sasha, this's Max.
- How is it going?
- We're in the hospital, Vania is being operated.
Nothing serious. Glandular fever.
Something got stuck in the throat.
They'll take it out and
everything will be all right.
We were stopped on the action station,
we passed through with Olga but guys were caught.
Someone alerted the cops
they examined everyone.
Very bad Max. Look after Olga.
Cops can come soon. I'm going to you.
Phil, where are you Phil.
- Good day.
- Hello.
- May I?
- Sure.
I have such work. What did you want?
- "Gyrza"?
- Yes, a good machine gun.
When you

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