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No, tell me do you like it?
What we are going to do?
- Buisness. In general - everything.
But is the main problem-
Round. This is his nickname.
Well surprise. Suprise!
Well do I go to you?
It's possible to listen to your disks?
It's possible.
Button "play" where is it?
- Green.
What is it?
This is the Nautilus's concert.
Anniversary. Very rarely.
I have gotten it.
There are Shevchuk, Kinchev,
Nastia - everybody.
No. I can't today.
I have a rest, yes!
I said no.
Well. I don't have enough time
to talk to you?
- A?
No, my partner asked to replace her.
Rat, gave me left copy!
Where did you serve?
At headquarters.
Who are you?
- I am Danila, and who are you?
I? Pavel Evgrafovich.
And were is Svetka?
Svetka? She is out.
And you Pavel Evgrafovich
listen to me very attentively.
Now you give me the key.
And will forget number of this house...
...and phone number for ever.
A, follower!
What do you beat?
I will see you once more
I will kill you.
We see who will win.
Kat? Hi, It's me Danila.
Do you remember with pleer?
You gave me phone number
at the concert.
Said: "Will have money call you".
Yes, I have.
A, It's you? I am thinking which Danila,
...what pleer. Give the money.
Well, what about a half of doze?
Let's smoke?
What do they sing about?
It's not all the same for you?
Sing very well.
I don't like it.
He, stupid, likes Nautilus.
Your american music is shit.
Well, what do you argue?
I told is shit and you argue.
And you all...
Soon your Amerika will die.
For all you will make mug.
Do you understand?
What did you bore? He is the French.
Let's go.
What is the difference?
Do you have contraceptives?
- What for?
Well how what for? Do you think,
...I will give you money?
And, Zhanna has.
What happen to you?
- Yes for not be intoxicated.
Well what about you? Let's go!
- Dania?
Rescue, brother! I am ill.
It is necessary to come
and meet instead of me urgently.
Yes, at once behind hotel
...on Vasilievskiy, at five o'clock.
"Volvo" will be there, two guys in it.
They will tell you everything.
They are brainless, but you look
yourself there as well as that.
Brother, as for me, I am brainless too.
I have a headache. I can not.
Brother! Will not help me I'll die.
It is a part of our common buisness.
I can not on the phone, Dania, realize?
Take everything with you.
Do not think about money.
Rescue, brother!
Well, bandits!
We have found this skunk only
He is hardened.
Was hidden almost of half-year.
Has returned now.
Lives at the friend's house.
I think, we will be in main entrance
and we shall wait.
Listen, do you have the tablet from
a headache?
No, I haven't!
There is secret passage.
Directly from a flat.
I have cheked up.
And the door to the garret.
It is possible there.
Why are we three?
We with Iron together...
And do they have guns?
- And what did you think?
Such money have gotten!
Makar, you?
- Quiet, skunk!
On the floor! On the floor!
Where is he?
- Who?
Has not understood, sun of a bitch?
Do not shoot!
Went to the underground for vodka.
Will come soon. Do not shoot,
it is not necessary!
There is nobody.
Well look, skunk!
lron, tie him!
Do not flash before a window!
Do you have music?
Do you have music?
On the floor!
Guys, I, probably, came in wrong
place, probably, I have to go higher.
It is not him!
Who is it?
What is your name?
- Stepan.
You, Stepan, do not be afraid.
We will not touch you.
You only sit silently and do not twitch.
Is it OK?
- Is it OK?
Who are you?
- Producer on the " Wireless 1".
Producer? I saw one producer,
he made this clip...
They all are pederasts!
Nobody will touch you here.
I am responsible for you.
You sit silently.
We wait for one fellow,
...we will talk,
then you we will let you go.
If something wrong, bitch,
I will shoot

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