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So have you found your brother?
- Yes, I have.
- Zinka, open!
What Zinka? Go away from here
Are you crazy, old man? Open!
Zinka, I tell you!
Fool! Have lost your mind! What?
What do you want?
- I have bought tenant to you.
Do they go?
Well, old man, have become mangy
without me?
Hey, listen, dear! Buy water-melon.
Surely! Look, just wonder!
I ate seven yesterday
- OK.
How much?
- Six thousands.
Oh, thank you! As you please!
Oh! What is happening? !
That man with water-melon!
May be you need my help?
Go, go! I will find you.
It wasn't Tatarin, and young man.
Did everything professionally.
Chechen is dead and he ran away.
Took yellow tram and went.
I shooted this skunk.
He killed Shisha.
Shisha? Was killed?
I don't know exactly.
He was taken at hospital.
But why did you shoot,
if it's not Tatarin?
But I...
We have to pay money to Tatarin
all the same.
And that he killed Shisha is very good.
We will remain above suspicion.
Well Tatarin!...
His life is hang by a thread,
but he thinks about profit!
You have to be taken to hospital.
I can't go to hospital, German.
Ok, German, we will break through.
Zina! Zina!
Oh, would meet you in 1943
in the enverons of Kursk!
Go away, fool, go!
- Zina, come here.
Take more strong vodka...
...and bandage, and this...
And look antibiotics.
And take something for old man,
...for not bore.
- Ok.
German, you are clever.
Tell me, what do we live for?
O, this is decision of everyone.
This is a proverb:
"That is good for Russian -
it's death for German.
I live for disprove that.
Do you have a girl-friend?
What about Zinka?
Probably was beaten from her?
All right.
German you are good man.
Stall is closed.
Why do you stand? Let's go!
What happen to face?
May be you need my help?
No, Everything is Ok.
Where is your fellow-traveller?
Jumped at the corner of Middle and
Did you go a long time?
A long time.
Why didn't you call the police?
Shoots neatly.
What is, that is.
Be careful, if you lie me,
I will punish you.
Not one is happy who has a lot
of property...
...but another who has faithful wife.
Good afternoon.
Where were you? New disk
of Nautilus appears.
Is cold "Applechina". Have bought up.
But this is something else.
Give me.
Tatarin? It's me.
We have to meet. I have buisness.
Who did this?
A, husband. When he is drunk.
They were looking for you.
I told them that you jumped at
the Middle.
How is your bullet, closed up?
- Yes, all right.
I would like to eat!
May be come to me.
How about your husband?
Overeat pears.
What is your name?
- Danila.
My name is Sveta.
This is "play".
This is "stop".
Rewind for forward and back.
This is "volume".
Do you understand? Understand?
Give me phone number.
- What?
Phone number.
- Neighbours will take.
Give me call! Call!
- I don't want!
Hello, brother. Give me money. Ok?
Dania! I am looking for you.
Where are you?
Hello! Brother, I don't hear you.
Call me again.
phone number is 311-05-36, Ok?
Hello! Dania? Hey, brother.
Where were you?
Everything is OK? Come to me quickly!
Take a car!
No, I go to the concert today.
Nautilus sings.
I will be tomorrow.
OK, don't be offended!
May be I tell you somewhen.
Let's we are late.
- Hi!
Do you like to be drunk?
- Yes.
You don't like such music?
- Squeese!
I see you dress well, something new.
Do you get money?
I will have tomorrow.
Well, I know where there is cool hemp.
Will smoke as adults?
Here you are, call me.
Is your mother?
- No.
A, Ok, by.
Who is this girl?
- Familiar.
Brother, you did good buisness.
Helped me and people.
Only Russian people will trade now.
What about Germans?
- What Germans?
Germans will trade?
- What Germans?
Well, German.
- For what Germans?
Brother I have one suggestion for you,
...let's open
the firm "Brothers Bagrov".
Is heard

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