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This - 75800, and this - 78000.
OK, bruises, trade?
Do you have watch?
Well, now everyone gives 50 now!
From you, nit! From you, nit!
And what do you think?
- But I still...
Confiscate goods!
I don't sell anything still!
- I confiscate!
But, sun, I, I, I... haven't sold
I have not sold anything!
I have told you, confiscate!
City? City is the terrible force.
And than city is bigger,
the force is stronger.
It carries away. Only a strong man
can get out.
And so...
What is your name?
- Goffman.
- German.
A! Well I don't like Jews a lot.
And German?
- German? Normally.
What is the difference?
- Listen, what do stick to me?
Where have you taken me?
- Mother-land.
My parents lie here.
Sit down.
Take it.
- Wait!
What is this?
- I was taking presents for my brother.
OK, it's not destiny.
O! Give me there.
But she is pretty.
Girl, how do you do?
Tickets, please.
No, ticket.
- Tickets, please.
No, ticket.
- Your tickets, please.
Listen, you are not russian, do you?
I tell you in russian:
I don't have ticket!
Pay a fine, please!
Listen, what fine? I am invalid.
Pay a fine or show the ticket!
Listen, there is no truth in foots,
Sit down.
But if you don't have money you
have to pay a fine.
Listen, don't you understand, do you?
Come on, come on!
Pay a fine!
Brother, don't kill!
Take the money, take everything,
do you hear?
Don't kill, brother! Here you are!
You are not my brother, nit!
How much is the fine?
- Seven.
Oh, fellows, fellows! It's not Nara!
Nora, Nora, do you understand?
In short, you have to go such way.
Hi! Ooh! Pleer is cool!
Give me to listen.
And what do you listen?
Is anything normal?
Are you dumb?
- No.
You have an excellent pleer
but dress badly.
Do you have LSD? And money?
Do you have money?
No, I don't.
OK, I am Kat. You always can find
me here.
Will have money, come here.
Ok, by!
It's opened!
Kneel! Hands forward!
I am looking for my brother.
Bagrov Victor,
he lived here.
I am his younger brother. I am in
Leningrad only two days.
Mother gave me his address:
Moika, 1, apartament 8.
Hi, brother.
It's not Leningrad, but Petersburg.
Piter is a beautifull city but province.
It's necessary to go to Moscow.
There is all force in Moscow.
I will do all my buisnesses and to
How is mother there?
- Normally.
Here you are for you from her.
You drink, drink. But I have buisness
Take it at first time.
Dress well. Rent an aparament
or room.
Not more then hundred, and then
will see.
How is at the Army?
- Normally.
Mother wrote that you have been
at war.
O, no, was as military clerk
in headquarters.
But can you fire?
I was taken to the shooting-ground.
Hello, do you have "Wings"
of Nautilus?
Ok, give me that you have.
He is chechen ex-terrorist.
They went to Piter from Moscow too.
They capture everything, brother.
I had told you.
This have taken market and now
suppreses russian.
I have part at that buisness, do you
He knows that we are weak now,
and he suppresses.
He has bought everybody there,
you know,
...and whom he hasn't bought he killed.
And now is my turn, Dania.
If I don't pay...
So or they or we.
So, brother.
He likes to go around the market
in the day.
Exemines his possession, skunk.
This is the best place.
He has always guard - two - three
Everybody are caucasian.
With guns. Beasts!
In general, it's not simple.
Look closely, think, how you can go.
Better I give you money. 2000 dollars
Don't come to me it's dangerous.
If something happens call me.
Take gun with charger
and thousand six hundred.
Then decide our questions.
- I am fine.
Hello, it's we there wasn't Tatarin.
How much is the potatoes?
One and a half thousand.
How is your trade?
Everything is fine!
Only this bandit with his fellows
is looking for you.
Listen, German,
I need rent a small room...
...in the center.
Ask yours, a?
Take it.

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