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told you!
And don't come here anymore!
l do not love you.
Now, Pasha, now.
Everything will be OK.
Come on.
lt's over, over, Pashenka, it's over.
l've got a vinyl for you.
Well, lt is... As you have money, give me,
for treatment,
...and here you see now...
You said - city is the force, and yet
everybody is feeble here.
- City is the evil force. Strong comes
and becomes feeble.
The city takes force.
And that's happened to you.
Here you are. Take it.
Come on. Take it! A lot of
money here. Live.
'What is good for a Russian - is
deadly for a German.'
Well, German, good bye.
Thank you.
Guys, did you see Kat?
Look in the ''McDonald's''.
lf you are looking for the money
it's useless.
l did not take it.
What are you going to do?
- l don't know.
Maybe to ''Piramida'',
...maybe ''Planetariy'',
but it's expensive there.
Penkin is singing today.
lt's early to think about it now!
Pinnoccio, get 60000.
Let's take LSD.
My treat in the evening.
l am going away.
Well, what did you want then?
To say 'good bye.'
Well bye.
Take it. For Penkin.
What is that?
Is it for me?
- Well, bye!
Maybe do you need something?
Well, can l go?
l have recently served at the Army.
Where did you serve?
You know l was a military clerk
at the headquarters.
Who do you want to be?
Me? l do not know.
A driver.
Listen, may l turn on the music?
l haven't listened anything for
along time.
Go ahead!
Look! A lot of it came down.
Where are you going?
- To Moscow.Do you hear, what is the song?
- Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Who let this freak come in?
Throw him out!
You get money for that!
- Bagrov.
Danila Sergeevich.
Was born in 1975.
Vokzalnaya street, 22.
A place of work?
- I have recently served at he Army.
Where did you serve?
- In the Army.
Do you join us?
- No.
You fracture his guard's arm and hardly
knock out his eye.
You would not be sober, I would put you
into prison.
If you do not find a job in a week
I will register you.
Do I really have fractued his arm?
No, dislocate.
But that who was crying,
who is he there?
But what song was?
- "Wings" of Nautilus.
Bagrov Sergei Platonovich,
was born in 1942,
Was killed in the prison in January
of 1982.
My class-mate.
Do you have compact-disk of Nautilus
What do you want? Get out! But I call
the police.
Would better chop wood than place
your face.
Better would stay in the Army.
Here, fool, you will be killed sooner.
You still switch on your piece
of ironmongery!
Will die in the prison as your
good-for-nothing father.
The only hope I have - My Vitenka.
Probably an important person there
In Leningrad.
Look at that, evereybody small
are very pretty
- OK, I saw.
But look once more!
Well, would go to your brother
in Leningrad.
Will die soon, but he was for instead
of your father
It's your blood.
He is the most relative man
all over the world.
Vitenka mine!
Who hadn't been in Moscow
hadn't seen beauty.
Chechen was dismissed.
It's necessary to kill him.
Takes all market.
Listen, speaks:
Everything was mine in the past
"Takes from our places".
At the meeting of bandits we
have come to the agreement.
Ours don't want the war
but he is Paramon's relative.
But Chechen is here!
In shot - 15.
You know me, my prices are real.
Money, of course, good
but for Chechen...
Here I steak my neck out.
How much?
- Twenty. And ten at once.
Week fo the preparation.
Tatarin is insolent fellow.
Have taken a lot in advance.
Stay at the market, don't catch
his eye.
Take burden for you, for not fall when
you are running.
Miss, do you have "Wings" of Nautilus?
No. Is taken very quickly.
But come again must be delivered more.
And something another do you have?
- Surely.
Here you are "Titanic over Fontanka"
with Grebenchikov.
And this "Account for ten years".
Friends sing the best songs.
How much is this?


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