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l don't like directors.
But you are good - you are a normal fellow.
Listen, do you know, Butusov?
l like their music very much.
Is it true that their new album
''Yablokitai'' has come out? Yes?
And do you have it?
- Yes.
Listen, would you give me a copy,
OK? Will you?
My name is Danila.
Will you help me, OK?
Well l... can l go?
- What?
Let's go have a drink.
- Ah?
He is my friend Stepa.
Well can l go?
Come to us.
l'm sorry that's happened.
Well what do you look at?
l have saved good
people. And this feeble too.
God is the judge for you.
German, they are there, in the crypt,
near the fence.
Bury them humanly.
- Hi.
ls your husband at home?
On business trip.
'Husband - to Tver,
and wife - to door?'
May we come in.
l told you:
''do not lie to your husband.''
lt's not Christian-like.
Well, OK. l truly do not know,
...where he lives and what he does.
He has been here for two days,
...but he himself had found me.
l have already sent him away.
l am telling the truth.
'If you like honey then do like cold.'
Let me go!
- Don't move!
She resists!
Do not touch me, skunks! Let me go!
- Ooh, bitch! l will kill you!
- Lie down!
l'll kill the skunk!
Yours came. Asked for you.
lndeed l do not know
Who you are and where you live.
They did not believe.
The main of them with round face
Was speaking in proverbs all the time.
Let's sing?
l am a tone deaf.
Yes, l understood.
He said he had served at headquarters?
Military clerk?
At first Shisha, then two have
just disappeared.
And now Mole has been killed.
So simply!
'Live longer - will see more.'
Yes. Dania, is it you? Something's happened?
Yes, it has, brother.
Are you alone?
Well, l will come and tell soon.
Will come over.
What do you want?
- Old man, sell me the rifle.
One million.
- Get it.
Money in advance.
- Here's one million and two hundred.
Get me all the cartridges.
Number five. For ducks.
If you lie quietly - l'll let you go.
OK. I understand.
Weapons on the floor!
Arms to the head!
Everyone lie down on the floor!
Vitya, get up!
Do not shoot, brother, please,
do not shoot!
What do you say, brother?
Get up, it's over.
Forgive me, brother!
Do not shoot, please,
do not kill me.
- Do not shoot.
You are my brother!
You were for me instead
of my father.
l called you Daddy. Come on.
And remember, l have punctured my
leg when fishing?
You carried me to home
ten kilometers.
And remember, l got
frightened by a catfish,
...and you laughed at me?
Do you remember?
You promised!
l keep my word.
And you tell them:
l will kill everyone who will touch
my brother! Go!
lt was him who set you up.
- l know.
Forgive me, brother.
- Well, come on.
Where is the money?
ln his suitcase. He's taken
everything, skunk!
And you go home to the Mum.
She is already old.
She needs help.
Here, give her money.
Get fixed up in a job in militia.
Uncle Kolia is the chief there,
...the father's classmate.
Do you remember?
There is a place there.
Don't take the train.
Go away from the city
on the passing cars.
Well, brother, good bye!
God let us see one another.
You stinker have forgotten?
- Pasha!
Forgotten, what did l tell you?
- Pasha! Pashenka! Pasha!
- Pasha!
- Pasha!
l will break your habit to fuck
with everybody!
l will make
your slink eat shit!
Where is he?
Where is this rat, a?
l am here!
Well, here he comes, tough guy.
Well, brother, how are we to divide
the bint?
You are not my brother!
-Remove your hands!
Now, Pasha, come on, now, quietly.
Now, Pasha, now, wait.
Come on, shoot!
Kill everyone! Well?
You are a tough guy!
What is it for you...
...to kill a man?
Military clerk!
- Go away! Get a towel.
Sveta, l am here for you.
Now, Pasha, come on.
l have money. Let's go.
Come on, Pasha.
Quiet, quiet. now.
Now, Pasha, now.
- Go away, l've

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