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away, fool, go!
- Zina, come here.
Get more strong vodka...
...and bandage, and this...
And antibiotics.
And take something for the old man,
...for him not to bore.
- OK.
German, you are clever.
Tell me, what do we live for?
Oh, everyone decides for himself.
There is a proverb:
'What is good for a Russian
is deadly for a German.'
So l live to disprove it.
Do you have a girlfriend?
What about Zinka?
You've got in the eye
because of her?
All right.
German, you are good man.
The kiosk was closed.
Why are you not going? Come on!
What happened to your face?
Maybe you need my help?
No, l will be fine.
Where is your fellow-traveller?
Jumped at the corner of Srednyaya and 18.
He was on for a long time.
A long time.
Why didn't you call the militia?
Shoots neatly.
Yes, that is.
Look, be careful, if you lied me,
l will punish you.
'Not the one who is rich
is happy...
...but another who has got
a faithful wife.'
Good afternoon.
Where were you? A new CD
of Nautilus has come out.
ls called ''Yablokitai''. All sold out.
But there's something else.
Tatarin? lt's me.
We have to meet. l've got business.
Who did this?
Ah, my husband. When he was drunk.
They were looking for you.
l told them that you had jumped at
How is your wound, closed up?
- Yes, all right.
l'd like to eat!
Let's go to my place.
What about your husband?
'He's overeaten pears.'
What is your name?
- Danila.
My name is Sveta.
This is ''play''.
This is ''stop''.
Rewind back and forward.
This is ''volume''.
Did you understand? Did you?
Give me the phone.
- What?
- Neighbours will pick it up.
Give me to call! Me to call!
Tell me.
- l don't want!
Hello, brother. Get me the money, OK?
Danila! l am looking for you.
Where are you?
Hello! Brother, l don't hear you.
Call me again.
phone number is 311-05-36, OK?
Hello! Danila? Hey, brother.
Where were you?
Everything is OK? Come to me at once!
Take a car!
No, l am going to the concert today,
nautiluses sing.
l will be tomorrow.
OK, don't get offended!
Maybe l will tell you somewhen.
Let's go we are late.
- Hi!
Did you like it?
- Yes.
I thought you didn't like such music?
- It's the party!
l see you are dressed well, something new.
Have you got money?
l will have tomorrow.
Well, l know where there is cool hemp.
Will smoke as adults?
Here you are, call me.
ls she your mother?
- No.
Ah, OK, bye.
Who is this sucker?
- An acquaintance.
Brother, you did well.
Helped me and many people.
Only Russian people will trade now.
What about the Germans?
- What Germans?
Will Germans trade?
- What Germans?
Well, the Germans.
- Why the Germans?
Brother, l have a proposition to you,
...let's start
the firm ''Bagrov Brothers''.
Sounds good?
No, tell me do you like it?
What are we going to do?
- Business. Everything in general.
But there is one problem -
a competitor.
Kruglyi. This is his nickname.
Well surprise. Surprise!
Ah? Can l come over?
Is it possible to listen to your CDs
here as well?
Where is ''play'' button here?
- It is green.
What is it?
This is Nautilus live in concert.
Anniversary. Very rare.
l have got it.
There are Shevchuk, Kinchev,
Nastya - everybody.
No. l can't today.
l am resting.
l said no.
Well. l don't have time
to talk to you!
That's it! Bye!
- Ah?
No, my friend at work
asked to replace her.
Rat, gave me a bad copy!
Where did you serve?
At headquarters.
Who are you?
- l am Danila, and who are you?
Me? Pavel Eugrafovich.
And where is Svetka?
Svetka? She is out.
And you, Pavel Eugrafovich,
listen to me very carefully.
Now you give me the key.
And will forget number of this house...
...and the phone number for ever.
Ah, fucker!
Why do you punch in my balls?
The key.
lf l see you once more
l will kill you.
We'll see who will.
Kat? Hi, lt's me Danila.
Do you remember?

- 1612. .

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