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kill, brother! Here you are!
You are not my brother, blackarse nit!
How much is the fine?
- Seven.
Oh, fellows, fellows! lt's not 'Nahra'!
'Norah', 'Norah', do you understand?
ln short, you have to go such way.
Hi! Ooh! You player is cool!
Give me to listen.
And what do you have?
ls there anything normal?
Are you dumb?
-  No.
You have an excellent player
but dressed badly.
Do you have LSD? And money?
Do you have money?
- No, l don't.
OK, l am Kat. You can always find
me here.
lf you have money, come here.
OK, bye!
lt's open!
Kneel! Hands forward!
l am looking for my brother.
Bagrov Victor,
he lived here.
l am his younger brother. l am in
Leningrad only for two days.
Mother gave me his address:
Moika, 1, apartament 8.
Hi, brother.
lt's not Leningrad, but Petersburg.
Piter is a beautiful city but province.
lt's necessary to go to Moscow.
There is all force in Moscow.
When l'm through here
l will go to Moscow
How is mother there?
- OK.
Here you are for you from her.
You drink, drink. But l got a business
Take it at first time.
Dress well. Rent an aparament
or room.
not more then hundred, and then
we'll see.
How is at the Army?
- OK.
Mother wrote that you had been
at war.
Oh, no, I was a military clerk
in headquarters.
But can you shoot?
We were at the shooting-ground.
Hello, do you have ''Wings''
of Nautilus?
OK, give me what you have.
He is a Chechen ex-terrorist.
They went to Piter from Moscow too.
They have captured everything, brother.
l have told you.
This one has taken the market and now
suppresses the Russians.
l have a part in that business,
do you understand?
He knows that we are weak now,
and he suppresses.
He has bought everyone there,
you know,
...and he's killed those he couldn't buy.
And now is my turn, Danila.
lf l don't pay...
So either them or us.
So, brother.
He likes to go around the market
on the day.
To look through his possessions, skunk.
This is the best place.
He has got his guard always with him
- two or three fighters.
Everyone is caucasian.
With guns. Beasts!
ln general, it's not simple.
Look closely, think, how you can go.
Better l'll give YOU money. 2000 dollars
Don't come to me, it's dangerous.
lf something happens call me.
Take this gun with charger
and sixteen hundred.
We'll sort things out later.
- l am fine without it.
Hello, this is us. Tatarin wasn't there.
How much the potatoes?
One and a half thousand.
How is your trade?
Don't ask.
This bandit and his fellows
are looking for you.
Listen, German,
l need to rent a small room...
...in the center, something quiet.
Ask yours, ah?
Take it.
So have you found your brother?
- Yes, l have.
- It is Zinka, open!
What Zinka? Go away from here!
Are you crazy, old man? Open!
Zinka, l am telling you!
Fool! Have lost your mind! What?
What do you want?
- l have brought a tenant.
Take it!
- And what do they go?
Well, old man, have become mangy
without me?
Hey, listen, dear! Buy watermelon.
Surely! Look, just wonder!
l ate seven yesterday myself. Myself.
- OK.
How much?
- Six thousands.
Oh, thank you! As you please!
Ah! What is happening?!
That man with watermelon!
Maybe you need any help?
Go, go! l will find you.
lt wasn't Tatarin, it was a young man.
He did everything professionally.
The Chechen is dead and he ran away.
Took the yellow tram and went.
l shot this skunk.
He killed Shisha.
Shisha? Was killed?
l don't know exactly.
He was taken to hospital.
But why did you shoot,
if it's not Tatarin?
But l...
We have to pay Tatarin
Stupid asshole!
And that that he killed Shisha
was very good.
We won't be suspected.
Well, Tatarin!..
'His life is hung by a thread,
but he thinks about profit!'
You have to be taken to hospital.
l can't go to hospital, German.
OK, German, we will break through.
Zina! Zina!
Oh, had l met you in 1943
in the environs of Kursk!..


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