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She needs help.
Will give money to her.
Get fixed up in a job in militia.
Uncle Kolia, is the chief there,
...the father's classmate.
Do you remember?
There is a place there.
Don't take the train.
Go away from city
on the passing cars.
Well, brother, good-by!
God will give will see.
You, stinker, have forgotten?
- Pasha!
Has forgotten, what did I speak to you?
- Pasha! Pashenka! Pasha!
Has forgotten?
- Pasha!
Has forgotten?
- Pasha!
I will breake your habbit to fuck
with everybody!
I will make
your slink-follower eat shet!
Where is he?
Where is this rat, a?
I am here!
Well, has come, abrupt?
Well, brother, how will we devide
the bint?
You are not my brother!
Pasha! Remove your hands! Now, now.
Now, Pasha, now.Silently, quiet,
Now, Pasha, now.
Come on shoot!
Kill everybody! Well?
You are abrupt!
What is for...
...to kill a man?
Military clerck!
- Go! Give a towel.
Sveta, I will go later.
Now, Pasha, now.
I have money. Let's go.
Silently, silently, Pasha.
Silently, quiet. Now.
Now, Pasha, now.
- Go, I have told!
And won't come here any more!
I do not love you.
Now, Pasha, now.
Everything will be Ok.
It's over, over, Pashenka, it's over.
I have brought a record to you.
It... As you have money, give me,
for treatment,
...and that you see how...
You spoke: city - force, and here
everybody are feeble.
City - malicious force. Strong comes,
becomes feeble.
The city takes force.
And it's have happened to you.
Here you are.
What do you? Take! A lot of
money here. Live.
That is good for Russian - is the
death for German.
Well, German, good-by.
Thank you.
Guys, Didn't you see Kat?
Look at the "McDonald's".
If you from the money - for nothing.
I did not take it.
What are you going to do?
- I do not know.
May be to "Piramida",
...may be "Planetariy",
but it's expensive there.
Penkin sings today.
It's early now, for what to think!
Pinnokio, give 60 thousands.
Let's take LSD
In the everning I will stand.
I am going.
Well, what did you want?
To say good-by.
Well by.
Take. Will go to Penkin.
What is that?
This is for me?
- Well, by!
May be you need something?
Well, do I go?
I have recently served at the Army.
Where did you serve?
You know I was a military clerck
at the headquarters.
Whom do you want to be?
Me, I do not know.
A driver.
Listen, may I turn on the music?
I haven't listened anything for
along time.
Go ahead!
Well, well, a!
Where are you going?
- To Moscow.

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