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public and messy.
Everybody should know what you get
when you kick in my door.
Shit, I hate this game.
This looks like
it's going to be fun.
- That'd be different.
- Why? He's not a good host?
Some of his friends
can be a pain in the neck.
Hey, you're with
the main man.
If you have any trouble, you let me know.
- Wear that one.
- Beautiful, beautiful. Give it some sparkle.
- Such a pretty dress.
- Oh, like this?
I was hoping
you could make it.
- Quite a party.
- Party?
This is just a simple gathering
of the immediate family.
Luigi's parties
have to be held outdoors.
He wants to meet you.
Be right back.
Hey, you guys having fun? I'm having a lot of fun.
Let's capture the moment here,
huh? Come on.
Max, maybe you're
having too much fun.
Eat something.
- I'll get you a nice eight by ten.
- Keep it. I'm not sentimental.
I didn't think so.
Come in.
- Joey Brenner, Luigi Patrovita.
- My pleasure.
You like getting close
to our friend?
You want the job
done right, don't you?
- What have you found out?
- Nothing.
I want you.
We tried that,
You come home with me,
and you owe nobody nothing.
I'll owe you,
won't I?
Mr. Rocca thinks you would make
a won'thwhile addition...
- to our various endeavors.
- I like to think so.
- Oh, you're a thinker.
- Sometimes.
Not enough to get me
into any trouble.
From what we know,
you don't stay anyplace too long.
If you're not part of an organization
that can protect you...
- moving around is the next best thing.
- He's looking for a home.
You kill anybody, Joey?
More than one?
Three. You want names
and addresses?
Smart, I like.
Smart-ass, I don't.
All right. Forget it. Go back to the party.
I want to talk to Mr. Rocca.
Nice meeting you.
I don't know.
You don't let him in
too far too fast.
Give him a little time
to impress us.
If he doesn't, we'll use him for
something dirty and dump him in the pit.
Cute, huh?
What a doll.
Yes, I think it would accessorize
the outfit beautifully.
What do you think?
Does it make you drool?
I would have picked exactly
the same one. That is my taste.
Yeah? Do you like
this one better?
- What do you think? Which one do you like better?
- Try it on.
- You don't mind sitting here?
- No. I like it.
- Okay. All right. I'll see you later.
- Bye.
All right.
- Well, this goes with the color. It's beautiful.
- Something in red?
Well, I think it's something...
It's just... red.
Why don't you just pick one?
I'll never make up my mind.
- Why don't you take them both?
- I can't afford them both.
I can.
Oh. You do that
too easy.
You always buying things
for the ladies?
- No. Not in a long time.
- Kiss her good-bye, shithead.
It's a stickup.
- Call security.
- Oh, really?
Just dial, dipshit!
We're being robbed
and beaten!
Out of my way, bitch!
I'm very hard to fit.
- This way!
- No, this way!
We're finished
Yeah? Well, come up with something!
If it was possible, Luigi,
and I'm not so sure it is...
it's gonna take a lot of work
to pull this thing off.
- A lot of planning.
- Look. We get a floor plan.
We buy ourselves
an inside man and we go.
Our boy not only told me
where it is...
he told me they're moving it to a federal
depository for safekeeping next Tuesday.
- Oh, Jesus. This is crazy!
- Look, last week in New York...
$10 million won'th of cocaine
walked out of a police station.
- Nobody knows where the hell it is! It can be done.
- That was inside work.
I'm talking
a major fucking job here!
It'll make Brinks
look like rolling a drunk.
There's 50 cops in that building any hour of
the day. How you gonna get 'em outta there?
Give 'em tickets
to the ball game?
A bomb.
Just blow the place up, huh?
The genius.
What are you
talking about?
Bomb threat. Whenever they get one,
they have to evacuate the whole building.
Yeah, sure.
If they believe it.
Без компромиссов Без компромиссов

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