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Jeanine! Over here!
Iflooks could kill 
You'd be lyiron the floor 
You'd be beggirme
Please, please 
Baby, don't you
hurt me no more 
- Where's Metzger?
- I haven't seen him.
- How's business?
- We're dying.
We're liviron the edge
Hangirby a thread 
I'm watchirevery move
you make 
You don't wanna see my anger 
So don't you make
another mistake 
That's him!
- That's a harmless, empty threat 
Hey! Watch it!
- Stop it!
- Asshole!
- Iflooks could kill
- Do you mind?
- Come on.!
- You'd be lyiron the floor
- Cut it out.!
- Hey, you cretin!
- You'd be beggirme, please, please 
- Oh, God!
- Baby, don't hurt me no more 
Uh! No, no! No, please!
Come here.!
- Help me!
- Come here!
I hear you're paying off everybody
but the fucking government.
- Lamanski says pay him.
He'll come back with a torch.
- So you decided to pay us both.
- Is that it?
I didn't know you had so much loose cash.
- Just stay out of it.
- No. I'm gonna close down.
- Oh, yeah? You try it, all right?
- You piece of shit!
- Uh!
- Ah! Do something, huh?
-  Oh, my God.!
- This is what you're gonna look like dead.
- Don't pay Lamanski anymore.
If I torch this shit-house,
you'll be inside it.
Get in my way again,
and I'll kill ya.
I hope you're not
your mother's only child.
Ohh! Oh, Mr. Metzger,
are you all right?
Iflooks could 
- I didn't think you were this twisted.
- Twisted? This is kid stuff.
We got a call. Somebody thought
there was some trouble here.
Oh, the boys were having
some trouble with their makeup.
Joey P. Brenner. You turn up
in the most damnedest places.
Trying to learn
my way around.
Well, you got a good guide if you wanna
know your way around a sewer.
Iflooks could kill 
- Where do you know that cop from?
- Oh, he broke up a fight I had in an alley...
the night you sent your three assholes
to take me apart.

We don't know what his name is yet...
but he's definitely
working for Patrovita.
- I don't want his name. I want his ass.
- I'll see to it he disappears.
First you bust him up real good,
public and messy.
Everybody should know what you get
when you kick in my door.

Shit, I hate this game.
This looks like
it's going to be fun.
- That'd be different.
- Why? He's not a good host?
Some of his friends
can be a pain in the neck.
Hey, you're with
the main man.
If you have any trouble, you let me know.
- Wear that one.
- Beautiful, beautiful. Give it some sparkle.
- Such a pretty dress.
- Oh, like this?
I was hoping
you could make it.
- Quite a party.
- Party?
This is just a simple gathering
of the immediate family.
Luigi's parties
have to be held outdoors.
He wants to meet you.
Be right back.
Hey, you guys having fun? I'm having a lot of fun.
Let's capture the moment here,
huh? Come on.
Max, maybe you're
having too much fun.
Eat something.
- I'll get you a nice eight by ten.
- Keep it. I'm not sentimental.
I didn't think so.

Come in.
- Joey Brenner, Luigi Patrovita.
- My pleasure.
You like getting close
to our friend?
You want the job
done right, don't you?
- What have you found out?
- Nothing.
I want you.
We tried that,
You come home with me,
and you owe nobody nothing.
I'll owe you,
won't I?
Mr. Rocca thinks you would make
a won'thwhile addition...
- to our various endeavors.
- I like to think so.
- Oh, you're a thinker.
- Sometimes.
Not enough to get me
into any trouble.
From what we know,
you don't stay anyplace too long.
If you're not part of an organization
that can protect you...
- moving around is the next best thing.
- He's looking for a home.
You kill anybody, Joey?
More than one?
Three. You want names
and addresses?
- Smart, I like.
Smart-ass, I don't.
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