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the president.
I think we just fixed the deficit.
That's $100 million
on the street.
We can make it up
in a couple of weeks.
Just what
Lamanski needed.
If he's got a lot of shit on hand,
he's gonna step in at bargain prices...
and grab a great big chunk
of the business!
Well, why don't we
just take him out?
Because he's
looking for it!
You won't get near him now,
unless you want to start a war.
Nobody needs that.
- How many got busted?
- Eight.
Nobody pulled a trigger.
They'll all make bail.
Have you found
a replacement for Tony?
I'm looking somebody over.
- I want it back.
- What?
The money. The smack.
It's mine. I want it back.
Oh, come on! What are we gonna do,
knock over city hall?
We don't even know
where they got it stashed.
But we know somebody
who can tell us.
That shit is mine.
I paid for it, and I want it back.
And I'm gonna get it back.
How the hell is it
you never did any time?
I'm smart,
unlike someone we know.
Max thinks you stink
from trouble.
- He doesn't want you around.
- I'm sure he makes a lot of mistakes.
Never the same one twice.
You're on.
But consider yourself temporary.
And if Max is right,
very temporary.
We start tomorrow.
It's nice to be
one of the family.
- Get my car, please.
- Yes, sir.
Sam, could you
get me a cab, please?

How'd you do
the other night?
- Your money didn't change a thing.
- And tonight?
I got out with cab fare.
Maybe you should try
a different kind of recreation.
Losing at tennis
wouldn't make me feel any better.
The exercise might.
- We don't need you.
- Thanks, pal.
Okay. Thank you.
You're a real
take-charge guy.
Hold your glass very still.
Oh. I don't know why they advertise
all those sleeping pills on television.
I mean, chemicals are
no good for you.
A couple of bottles of champagne
wipes you right out.
What are you sayir?
Are you sayir you're ready for bed?
- I think so.
- That sounds like a hell of an idea to me.
Gonna help you get up.
Uuh! God!
- Here.
- There you go.
There you go.
Come on. Hurry.
Oh, God!
- You know what I like about bedrooms?
- No. What?
You almost always
find a bed in there.
You know what?
I've noticed
the same thing.
Oh, my God.
-  I've got what there is.
Joseph P. Brenner.
Social Security number, 567-3...
Dade County licence number...
Passport number...
Okay? He's asleep.

He's passed out.
This takes care of a thousand dollars
of my I.O.U., right?
If there's something to say,
I'll call.
 We wanted to check
your water heater today, Sarah...
but the, uh, keys werert where they were
supposed to be, so we couldn't do anything.
If you tell us where the keys have been moved,
we'll come back and take care of it.
Look, come back to me
as quick as you can.
Yeah, you don't want
to freeze to death in that water.
- Fucking little worm.
- What's his problem?
We give him a million dollars
to tell us where to hit Marcellino.
Now the son of a bitch
is pulling back.
Well, maybe he doesn't know
where the shit is stored.
How many places do you think the cops
can store that much cash and smack, huh?
If he doesn't know it,
he'll find out.
Or maybe he just doesn't like
what you're planning.
I'm supposed to give a shit
what he thinks?
No, he'll come across.
What the hell's his choice?
- He's in up to his ass.
- There's no way I can talk you out of this?
If you could, I shouldn't be where I am.
When we start thinking
there's something we can't do...
something that's too big or too messy,
then we oughta get out.
This is like wrestling.
It's fixed.
And the cops are always gonna lose,
and they know it.
I wanna hear you say
you're sorry 
Nobody takes advantage of me 

Over here, honey.
Без компромиссов Без компромиссов

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