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million dollars
in that bag.
Win or lose,
it's your choice.
Now get out of here.
You'll be okay,
won't you?
Get going.
[Door Closes]
I'm glad you didn't
make me chase you.
Too damn tired.
That doesn't surprise me. A hundred years
of police work in a single afternoon.
Always figured
you were one of us.
How many days in a row...
do I have to haul
your butt down here?
Just to watch you
do nothing.
I have no interest...
in becoming
an accomplished cripple.
Now you push me back to my room
or out into traffic. I don't give a shit.
Things not so good, Harry?
- I've seen better days.
- Wanna see 'em again?
Wort happen from down here.
So, you used to being back
with the bureau?
And back with my wife.
Thank you very much.
Come on, Mark!
Stop fooling around!
Give me...
Give me my chair.
I need your help, Harry.
For what?
Where's my chair?
My reunion with Amy
was a big success.
We just found out
that she's pregnant.
That's great.
That's great.
Give me my chair.
I don't know anything
about being a father, Harry.
I want your help.
I want you to be the godfather.
All right. I'll help.
Now give me the goddamn chair!
- Then walk.
- I can't walk!
Then meet me halfway.
Come on.
I don't have to walk
to be a godfather!
You don't have to walk,
but you have to try like hell.
- I can't!
- Did you ever quit in front of Blair?
[Laughing]- Green light.
- Let's go.
How many times was John Wayne nominated
for an Academy Award?
Probably not enough.
Marcellino's still asleep.
- I'm gonna go relieve Ed.
- How the hell can one son of a bitch
sleep so much?
- Fear.
- As long as he wakes up to testify.
Oh, no.
We've been looking for you.
- So you want to be a witness?
- No, no, no, no!
Witness this.
His birthday
was in two weeks.
Harry, they wanna
take him out.
Twenty-seven years of this shit,
and I never got a scratch. Jesus Christ.
I want a list of everybody
in Witness Protection...
who knew we
were holding Marcellino...
and anybody else
who could've known...
from the district attorney
to the commissioner.
They're dead, Mike.
Whoever set this up...
whatever it takes...
they're dead.
Okay, Cullen. You're outta here.
Now you're off and runnir
Runnirlike you're scared 
Runnirunder radar
Runnirlike a deer 
Somethirin the bushes
starirout at you 
Starirat your feelirs
Feelirlike you do 
One-way rider
wanderirdown the road 
Baby, I'm right beside you
everywhere you go 
Once upon a daydream
Circumstances do 
Everything to hold on
Everything for you 
First we found a loser
Next we found a fool 
Now we follow footsteps
taken up on you 
One-way driver
One way down the road 
- Baby, I'm right beside you
- Hey, you goddamn son of a...
Everywhere you go 
- Whoa!
- Damn!
 Yes, sir. Well, a number
of the residents have complained...
though, about the trash around the Dumpster,
so I think you should do something about it.
Yes, sir. Heh! All right.
Have a good day then.
- You caught the bastard.
- In the act.
Bullshit. I was on my way
to a costume party.
He stopped somebody over at Route 74
for driving too fast.
- He was going to let them off for 50 bucks.
- They stopped me for directions.
Book him.
Impersonating an officer,
resisting arrest...
fraud, reckless driving
and lying to the sheriff.
- I'll be at home if you need me.
- Okay, Sheriff.
Come on, Deputy Dawg.
-  Amy.! Amy.!
- Are we having a party?
- Of course...
and I'm glad you're home early
to join in the celebration.
Is it just gonna be us,
or are we gonna have company?
Be serious. Of course it's just us.
So, what are we celebrating?
our fifth year.
Five years in exile.
Five years in a town without...
having found anybody who could talk
about anything
Без компромиссов Без компромиссов

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