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It's owned by Patrovita.
You get an invitation,
don't go.
Bustirrocks is only some
of what goes on out there.
We got company.
Which way?
I don't see nothir.
I can't get no 
I can't get no
'Cause I try, and I try
And I try, and I try
I can't get no
- I can't get no
- [Groaning]
When I'm drivirin my car 
And a man
comes on the radio
He's telling me
more and more 
- About some useless information 
- Billy, outside! Let's go!
Supposed to fire
my imagination 
I can't get no 
No, no, no
Hey, hey, hey 
That's what I say 
I can't get no
I can't get no 
'Cause I try, and I try
And I try, and I try
I can't get no
I can't get no
- When I'm watchir my TV
- [Groans]
And a man
comes on and tells me
How white my shirts
can be 
But he can't be a man
'Cause he doesn't smoke
the same...
[Gunfire Continues]
[Brakes Hissing]
What exactly happened here
is unclear.
Police speculate, based on the amount
of heroin and money found on the scene...
this may be the result
of a brewing mob war.
Mob war my ass!
We don't know where
the son of a bitch is.
Let's hope
he's not alive.
From the looks of that mess,
I'd say he was dead.
I think he's right.
Don't think, pray!
If he's still alive,
you're not!
Oh, shit!
- Let's get him before he gets us! The elevators!
- Give me an extra clip.
- You! Stick around.
- [Indistinct Chatter]
[Bell Dings]
[Bell Dings]
Hold it, hold it,
hold it, hold it!
[Bell Dings]
- [Bell Dings]
- [Indistinct Chatter]
[Bell Dings]
[Bell Dings]
[Bell Dings]
- [Bell Dings]
- [Clattering]
- [Man Shouts]
- Move!
[Indistinct Shouting]
Get down!
[Shouts, Groans]
- Shit!
- [Shouts]
He got me!
Oh, shit!
[Indistinct Chatter]
- Come on.!
- [Grunts]
Come on.!
- [Gun Clicks]
- Damn it!
Oh, damn it!
- Come on!
- Get the son of a bitch!
Come on, man.!
Just you and me.!
Come on.!
Show yourself!
- Now what?
- Call the cops.
- What?
- Call the fucking cops!
For God's sakes, let it...
[Cocks Weapon]
[Baxter Sobbing]
- [Shouting]
- [Gun Clicking]
This must be what they mean
by "poetic justice."
This is... isn't what you think.
I'm with the government.
I set every one
of these guys up, and...
So, back with the bureau, huh?
I didn't know that.
It's, uh...
You know, that whole thing
was such a mistake. You and l...
Because of you,
a lot of people are dead.
And now it's your turn.
No. No.
Resign or be prosecuted.
Any way you want it.
Excuse me.
We're coming through.
- Pardon me.
- [Police Radio Chatter]
- [Camera Shutter Clicks]
- Shit!
All right.
Careful. Careful. Watch it.
- Okay, Lenny.
- They said you got room for one more, right?
- Watch your back.
- What do you think Baxter was doing here?
Until I know different,
I gotta assume our leak's just been plugged.
- Pardon the pun.
- What the hell you think happened here?
I think somebody
got very pissed off.
- Who?
- I got a good idea.
[Woman On Radio]
Baker, just got a location on the car.
- Give it to me.
- A 1979 Oldsmobile
registered to Luigi Patrovita...
moving south on Route 84.
- Should they intercept?
- No. Negative.
- Tell them to track him.
Keep me up on where he is.
- Ten-four.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna see
how smart I am.
[Engine Revving]
Get on the plane.
You okay?
- You're not going, are you?
- No.
Then I'm not either.
You're out of excuses,
There's a quarter
Без компромиссов Без компромиссов

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