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Social Security number, 567-3...
Dade County licence number...
Passport number...
Okay? He's asleep.
[Snoring Continues]
He's passed out.
This takes care of a thousand dollars
of my I.O.U., right?
If there's something to say,
I'll call.
[Patrovita] We wanted to check
your water heater today, Sarah...
but the, uh, keys werert where they were
supposed to be, so we couldn't do anything.
If you tell us where the keys have been moved,
we'll come back and take care of it.
Look, come back to me
as quick as you can.
Yeah, you don't want
to freeze to death in that water.
- Fucking little worm.
- What's his problem?
We give him a million dollars
to tell us where to hit Marcellino.
Now the son of a bitch
is pulling back.
Well, maybe he doesn't know
where the shit is stored.
How many places do you think the cops
can store that much cash and smack, huh?
Lfhe doesn't know it,
he'll find out.
Or maybe he just doesn't like
what you're planning.
I'm supposed to give a shit
what he thinks?
No, he'll come across.
What the hell's his choice?
- He's in up to his ass.
- There's no way I can talk you out of this?
If you could, I shouldn't be where I am.
When we start thinking
there's something we can't do...
something that's too big or too messy,
then we oughta get out.
This is like wrestling.
It's fixed.
And the cops are always gonna lose,
and they know it.
 [Dance, Indistinct]
I wanna hear you say
you're sorry 
- [Lip-synching]
- Nobody takes advantage of me 
 [Continues, Indistinct]
- [Wolf Whistles]
- Over here, honey.
- Jeanine! Over here!
- [Overlapping Shouts]
Iflooks could kill 
You'd be lyiron the floor 
You'd be beggirme
Please, please 
Baby, don't you
hurt me no more 
- Where's Metzger?
- I haven't seen him.
- How's business?
- We're dying.
We're liviron the edge
Hangirby a thread 
I'm watchirevery move
you make 
You don't wanna see my anger 
So don't you make
another mistake 
That's him!
- [Punching Keypad]
- That's a harmless, empty threat 
- Hey! Watch it!
- [Indistinct Shouting]
- Stop it!
- Asshole!
- Iflooks could kill 
- Do you mind?
- Come on.!
- You'd be lyiron the floor 
- Cut it out.!
- Hey, you cretin!
- You'd be beggirme, please, please 
- Oh, God!
- Baby, don't hurt me no more 
Uh! No, no! No, please!
- [Groans]
- Come here.!
- Help me!
- Come here!
I hear you're paying off everybody
but the fucking government.
- Lamanski says pay him.
He'll come back with a torch.
- So you decided to pay us both.
- Is that it?
I didn't know you had so much loose cash.
- Just stay out of it.
- No. I'm gonna close down.
- Oh, yeah? You try it, all right?
- [Liquid Splashes]
- You piece of shit!
- Uh!
- Ah! Do something, huh?
- [Man] Oh, my God.!
- This is what you're gonna look like dead.
- Don't pay Lamanski anymore.
- [Mumbles Weakly]
If I torch this shit-house,
you'll be inside it.
Get in my way again,
and I'll kill ya.
I hope you're not
your mother's only child.
Ohh! Oh, Mr. Metzger,
are you all right?
Iflooks could 
- I didn't think you were this twisted.
- Twisted? This is kid stuff.
We got a call. Somebody thought
there was some trouble here.
Oh, the boys were having
some trouble with their makeup.
Joey P. Brenner. You turn up
in the most damnedest places.
Trying to learn
my way around.
Well, you got a good guide if you wanna
know your way around a sewer.
Iflooks could kill 
- Where do you know that cop from?
- Oh, he broke up a fight I had in an alley...
the night you sent your three assholes
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