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I didn't say anything?
Well, I think you did, partner.
I think you called him a liar.
Black Bart says...
you are a yellow belly,
tenderfoot coward dog.
Are you gonna take that?
Yeah, I am, Dad.
I'm not gonna do that.
No, I'm not gonna...
No! Dad! Dad!
It's only acting, Brennan!
Come on! Come on!
Go, Brennan! Go!
Oh, it's okay, honey.
Honey, they're not hurting him.
Brennan! Brennan!
Brennan! Brennan! Brennan!
No! No!
Don't swing me! No!
I'm gonna get sick!
That a boy! Sumo warrior man!
tell me the truth.
Does this suit
make me look fat?
Listen to me.
Daddy Newton has the key.
We're gonna sandwich him
between our sumo bellies,
and when I'm going, "Sorry, excuse
me," and he's going, "That's okay,"
you pick his pocket,
and you take the key.
What about that stupid dog?
Tommy, I had another
nightmare about him last night.
You are wearing a high-density
foam, fully-naked sumo suit.
You are immune to dogs.
Okay. Blend.
Hey, hey, what's the matter,
pal? What's the matter?
I can't believe you just did that to
me. I've never been this embarrassed.
They were laughing.
They loved it.
They were laughing at me, Dad.
I just thought you'd enjoy doing
something I did when I was a kid.
Dad, this place was lame 30 years
ago, and it's even worse now.
Did you like it
when you were a kid?
Yes, of course.
Stop, you idiot.
I'm sorry, Dad,
but this, this whole trip...
has been nothing but Boresville,
and it hasn't even been a week yet.
Thank you.
- Beethoven, no! Stop!
- Beethoven, sit!
You call that boring?
Beethoven, stay!
What happened? Oh, strangely,
Beethoven ran away again.
Get in! Get in!
I told you we should
have taken your mom's minivan!
Good job.
Come on, Beethoven.
So what did Black Bart say?
I don't know.
He took my check, though. Those
barrels are apparently antique.
It was those guys again.
Here we go again.
The bad guys are following us.
Shut up, Brennan. Brennan,
be nice to your sister.
Sweetheart, remember when you thought that
blanket in the closet was a grizzly bear...
or when you thought the neighbors
were stealing your pajamas?
What's your point, Mom? Honey,
those bandidos werejust actors.
How come no one believes me?
No one
except for you, Beethoven.
Hey, that's my pack!
- Is that your dog?
- Yeah, sorry.
Actually, he's mine.
Oh, hi, again.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I wish we could have brought
our dog on our trip,
but he had to stay in a kennel
till we got back.
A kennel?
That's tough.
I think putting a dog
in a kennel is just... cruel.
That's what I told my parents.
So, I'm Brennan.
I know.
We met before.
Oh, right.
Um, sorry.
It's okay. We kind of
got interrupted before.
Um, I'm Penny.
So where you guys headed?
Some family reunion
in California.
I got another week and a half
stuck in that RV with my family.
Tell me about it. This has been
our most boring vacation ever.
- The worst.
- My dad is on some mission to give us a killer vacation.
I know. My dad's gone
totally insane over this trip.
My whole summer's gone...
And by the time I get back, it's
gonna be time for school again.
Yeah, same here.
Well, I'm down there.
- Good night.
- Good night.
So ask her
for her phone number.
Shut up, Sara.
That's a good idea. Here.
I was gonna ask, you know.
Um, here's my itinerary too.
Maybe we'll stay at the
same place again. Maybe.
Good night.
Bye. Let me hold him.
Why? You don't like him.
What are you talking about?
I love dogs.
Especially St. Bernards.
# On the road again #
# Just can't wait
to get on the road again #
# I found love is making music
with my friends #
# And I can't wait
to get on the road again #
# On the road again #
# Goin'places
that I've never been #
# Seein'things
that I may never see again #
# And I can't wait
 3  3

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