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that particular
movie that no one else has ever rented.
Look, switch to decaf,
okay, babe? Open your eyes.
These people are
professionals. Professionals.
These people are
professionals. Professionals.
When my dad took me on my motor home
vacation, we had a dog with us... Spartacus.
It was great!
Spartacus was a Chihuahua.
That sheds a trash bag
full of hair every day.
This is one part of your boyhood trip
you're just not gonna get to relive. No way.
Okay. Vote, then.
All in favor of bringing
Beethoven with us, raise your hand.
All opposed?
A tie.
Okay, let's flip for it.
No, we won't.
The dog is not going.
he's already caused us $ 200
worth of damage in the RV.
No. And we're gonna have to feed him.
You know I'm gonna end up
cleaning up after him.
Richard, we're gonna take him
to a kennel,
and then George and Alice can
have him shipped from there, okay?
Okay. All right.
I understand.
You wouldn't put Ryce, Ted
or Emily in a kennel.
And Beethoven's our cousin too.
How are we gonna get that DVD from
them, huh? By any means necessary.
You know what?
I think Sara is right.
The only decent thing to do here is
let Beethoven take my place on the trip.
I mean, I guess
I'll have to stay home.
Nice try, Brennan. Come on.
We're all hitting the road.
What about that dog? That's
gotta be a trained killer.
Veterinarian animal
Any more stupid questions?
Tommy, this looks complicated.
Now, you are sure
that you know how to use it.
Excuse me. Which one of us
is the stupid one?
Me? Sorry. Yes. That would be you.
Item number one:
When we get into the hou...
They see us!
Out of my way!
Let's go, Newtons. Come on.
We're leaving now. Come on. We're
gonna hit the road. Let's go.
They're on the road.
I felt a great disturbance
in the force,
as if seven gnomes cried out
at once and were silenced.
Let's roll.
Hurry up! Hurry up! They're
in front. I see them.
Okay. Stay behind them.
They're right in front.
Don't lose them, or we're
dead. Okay. Losing, death, bad.
He'll be okay, honey.
Dogs check in, but they don't
check out. Shut up, Brennan.
You know, we could drive
right by your school.
Sorry, sorry, Dad.
Bye, Beethoven.
Let's take 'em.
Come here, boy.
Come here, boy.
Come here. Hey!
Come back here!
Hold this!
Oh, with the hurting!
Oh, that's not good.
Whoa! Good doggie!
Good doggie.
Good doggie, good doggie.
That dog trashed the car.
Just don't tell my mom.
It's covered in cement.
Don't tell her.
She's gonna know.
- What the heck was that?
- Probably somebody's vintage gnome collection...
that they'd painstakingly put together
for the last ten years of their life.
I said I was sorry.
It was probably a dog someone didn't want
on their vacation, and Dad just ran him over.
Shut up, Brennan.
Beethoven will be just fne,
even though your mommy made him
stay in that terrible place.
Oh, thanks a lot, Richard.
You're welcome, honey. Okay,
who wants to sing road songs?
No? Okay.
Honey, why don't you show your mom
that great trip route we programmed?
You mean that one
from  boring. com?
That's enough, Brennan.
If we make the schedule, we should be able
to hit Black Bart's Village by Thursday.
You're gonna love that.
Richard, you planned this entire
trip practically to the minute.
You have a map for every inch
of highway we're gonna travel...
and a schedule of stops
and attractions.
Okay, I'm impressed.
This is great.
Brenn, what are you doing?
I'm gonna watch that movie. I can't
believe I'm gonna watch it, but I'm gonna.
Two hours into the trip,
and you're already bored?
It's not my fault, Dad.
I can get anywhere I want in the world
with just a few keystrokes, but I'm not.
I'm watching it crawl by
through the window of a bus.
It wasn't that different
when I was a kid.
We didn't have computers, but we had
clubhouses. We used to build clubhouses.
- What's a
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