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cleaning unflushed toilets with a toothbrush.
Club-Fed I think not.
I never thought of that.
Well, thinking is not what
you do best, William. No.
Fetch the DVD.
Oh. Oops.
I- I'm not having much luck.
Oh, who told you we'd
find it? Yes! You did.
You da man!
Yes, I am da man!
Let us vacate.
Tommy! He looks
even bigger up close.
Yes, he does, William.
Why didn't you close that door?
You were the last one in.
Here's an idea... run!
Let me out of here!
Oh, God, let me out!
Hey! Out of the way!
Tommy, wait!
Oh, thanks!
Now what are we gonna
do? It's-It's not so bad.
The windshield
is broken. Richard.
Not your side.
I don't know what I'm so worried
about. You got insurance on the RV.
We're covered. We're motoring
along. It's still a vacation.
Good, honey.
That's a good attitude.
No, it's not. It's a lie.
This is a disaster.
This whole trip has become a
catastrophe because of that dog!
He didn't mean it, Mom.
Yes, he did!
Mom, Dad, you know that
hotel I was mentioning?
It's pretty close by.
We are not staying
in a hotel.
I didn't stay in a hotel on my childhood motor
home trip, and we ain't staying in one now.
We're fine right here in our
home on wheels! Everyone got that?
I think Beethoven has to go.
- Honey, you agree?
- No, I mean number one.
- Stop the RV.
- Oh, no, not ag...
Heimlich! Heimlich!
Make sure Beethoven goes good, 'cause we're
not stopping again until we get to California!
All I wanted to do is give
my family a great vacation.
It's been one disaster
after another.
This is even worse than the motor
home vacation I had as a kid.
- What?
- I thought you loved that trip.
I hated it.
Well, then why do you keep
telling us how much you loved it?
Because I wanted
to remember it that way.
I wanted to forget
how bad it really was.
And the truth is...
it was horrible.
My brother and I fought
the whole 2,000 miles.
And Spartacus, our dog,
was car sick.
Can you believe that?
A car sick dog.
It was horrible.
My mother...
My mother kept telling us how much fun we
were having, but we weren't having any fun.
My dad drove himself crazy
trying to make sure we had fun.
It's okay, Daddy.
We know how you feel.
Yeah, Dad.
We know exactly how you feel.
Oh, shut up!
- Ow!
- Honey!
I'm okay.
I'm all right.
At least we're out
of the bug zone, honey.
That's it. We're taking
a night off from this vacation.
We're staying in a hotel.
The dog has eaten up
all our reserve cash.
We can't afford
to stay in a hotel.
Beth, we can't afford not
to stay in a hotel tonight.
I'll take these inside,
and I'll be back for the others.
We have adjoining rooms
However, we do not allow
animals in the rooms.
Hotel policy. If I made an
exception, I could get fred.
Is this really
that great a job?
Dad, Beethoven
has to be able to stay too.
He wouldn't even need a
bed. He's the quiet type.
So how does it look?
I can't fnd her.
Who can't you fnd,
The gift shop. The gift shop. Oh.
I just thought
I'd get something...
for Aunt Alice and Uncle George
from the gift shop.
Uh, keep me company,
- Please.
- Policy.
Sara, honey, Beethoven's Just gonna
have to spend the night in the RV, okay?
Honey, stand up.
Stand up.
Come on, boy. Let's see how good
you are. Find her, boy! Find her!
your nose is a genius.
Come on, boy.
Are you sure Beethoven's gonna
be okay in the RV all alone?
We gave him his dinner.
He's been walked.
He has water. He's got
his own bachelor apartment.
Honey, he'll be fine.
Now, Mommy and I are
gonna go to sleep early.
So just stay
in the room, okay?
Can we stay up late,
watch movies and eat junk?
Sure. Just stay
in the room.
Yeah, Dad, I got it.
Good night, guys.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, Beethoven.
Penny Miller's room,
please. Thank you.
- Who?
- Shhh.
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