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# And our way
is on the road again #
# I just can't wait
to get on the road again #
# And I found love is making
music with my friends #
# And I can't wait
to get on the road again #
# No, I can't wait
to get on the road again #
# Oh, I can't wait
to get on the road again ##
It's totally clogged
with dog hair!
We have to fnd the main
Junction sewage control.
That's the only way we're gonna
dump the waste water now.
- Can I just say one thing?
- Yes, you can.
And you know what you can say?
You can say,
"I will not open my big fat mouth,
Tommy, until we fnd the DVD!"
Tommy, listen, we have been following
those Newtons for a very long time now.
Duh, whiney pants.
You think I don't know that?
Well, I don't know what you know,
'cause you said it was gonna be so easy.
So help me God, if you don't
shut up, I will make you eat sand.
What are we doing?
We are having a problem.
Yeah, yeah, I know that! It's been like
a week, and we don't have the DVD yet!
I will make you eat sand!
We're having tire trouble!
We're not having tire trouble.
The tires are perfectly fne.
You just pulled over
and jacked up the car why?
You popped two tires,
and we only have one spare.
Lord, you gave him brains,
but he does not think.
You gave him a mouth
which he never shuts up!
Listen to me,
you brussels sprout.
With two slashed tires,
it's twice as likely...
that the Newtons will
pull over to help us.
So, we will
wave them down,
ask them to take us
to the nearest gas station,
and while we are on board the RV we will
take the disc without anyone knowing.
Blast off!
What? What, what?
Your plan is brilliant, Tommy. I'm,
I'm, I'm sorry that I doubted you.
Oh, it's okay. I know.
It's just I need coffee.
You know, Dad, I was thinking it might
be fun to stay at a hotel for a night.
No way.
They don't let in pets.
The RV's a hotel on wheels.
I don't know, Dad.
I just thought it might be fun.
And I found this really
fun-looking place.
A four-star hotel.
Doesn't that sound great?
No. They don't
let in pets.
- Ohhh.
- Begin the countdown.
Ten! Nine!
Wave your arms.
Wave your arms.
What's this sudden
interest in hotels?
Down, boy!
Get him off the brake!
The brake!
Sara, honey, you can't let Beethoven do
things like that. It's very dangerous.
Oh, here it is.
- Here's what?
- The main sewage control valve.
Oh, boy,
I'm glad I found that.
When we get to the next campground,
remind me to dump the tanks...
or it's gonna get
really stinky in here.
It's number two!
Sara, how far
to the next stop?
Only about ten miles, Dad.
Oh, you're gonna love this,
Brenn. This place is rad.
Rad? It's the biggest
toy train in the world.
Boy, I loved it
when I was a kid.
Wow, Dad.
I can't wait.
This is so lame.
Let's go, Beethoven.
The kids are really
getting attached to Beethoven.
I think they like him better than they
like me. Nah, I'm just being insecure.
Not necessarily. Thanks,
honey. I feel better now.
You know, Richard, I think that dog is
consciously trying to sabotage our trip.
Beth, he's just a dog.
Honey, he can't
consciously ruin anything...
I don't think.
Nah, that's crazy.
What would his motive be?
for the kennel thing.
You know, one thing about him
does bother me, though. Hallelujah.
How do you think Brennan
and Sara are gonna take it...
when we have to give Beethoven
back to my brother?
That's gonna be a tough one. Yeah.
This is smaller
than I remember.
Yes. Bill. Bill!
What happened?
Tommy, come here.
It is so nice in here.
Beethoven, stop!
Hey! Beethoven!
It has a coffee maker! When we
get rich, can we get one of these?
Yeah, uh-huh. Look, do you have any idea how
easy it is for cops to track down an RV this size?
They will swoop down on you
in a hot second,
and the next thing you know, you're spending
15 to 20 years as the restroom attendant...
at a one-star Federal lockdown
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