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said no.
Let's put it on a DVD
that nobody ever buys,
stick it in a video store
and deliver it that way.
somebody bought the DVD
that nobody was supposed to buy.
Oh, God,
we're in so much trouble.
Okay. We already spent the money
that we got from Mr. You Know Who.
Oh, my God. Do you know
what Mr. You Know Who...
is going to do to us when he fnds out
that somebody else has the you know what?
No, what?
I'm kidding.
I'm a joker. We are dead if
we don't get that DVD back!
Okay, William,
calm yourself.
Observe the master.
Hello, there, Quentin.
I'm wondering,
how long to order a copy of
The Shakiest Gun in the West?
That would be about
six to eight weeks.
Oh, that's bad.
Maybe we can order a copy from
the guy who ordered it from you.
Yes, may we have his name,
address and telephone number?
Dude, what do I got, like Federal felony
written across my forehead or something?
Could you, perhaps,
see if you have another copy?
We don't.
Could you check, please?
C- C-C...
Okay, man. Whatever.
Just cool your jets.
What? Tommy, what are you doing?
That is completely illegal.
I'm an idiot.
Yes, yes you are, but fortunately
for both of us, I am a genius.
Begin the countdown.
Ten, nine...
Richard Newton, 1715 Hauser
Street. Blast off, baby.
You hacked their system
in two seconds.
That is a new record.
I don't believe it.
That is why you fail.
Stupid you are.
I hope you have a nice summer.
I didn't know Jessica Donnelly
was your girlfriend.
Well, she was gonna be
before this whole stupid trip.
But now she won't ever be.
Hey, are you fIming me?
- Dad said I gotta document everything.
- Give me that!
- No!
- Give me the camera, Sara!
No! I got to document
Come on! Give it! Brennan,
stop terrorizing your sister.
- Tell her to give me the tape.
- When she gets big, she's gonna kick his butt.
Give me the camera, Sara! Hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, you guys.
Mom, she was... You guys. No,
Sara's just doing her job, okay?
And nobody's gonna go running into the RV,
making a mess of everything I just loaded.
Now, organization is the key
to happiness on this trip, okay?
But, Mom, she was... Brennan, this
trip is really important to your father,
so could you just
try and act excited?
So, Brennan, Dad said this is
gonna be the funnest vacation ever.
Can we get your reaction?
I'm gonna tell you did that.
- Boat's hooked up.
I'm gonna tell you did that.
- Boat's hooked up.
- House is locked up.
- Give me that!
- Oh, oh, oh, oh.
- Let's hit the road, Newtons.
- You two!
- Wait. Wait. I almost forgot.
What's that?
On my motor home vacation,
my dad did this for us.
It made us feel
like a real team,
and, well, I want you
to feel the same way.
Great. That's great.
Okay. Okay!
Everybody turn around.
Turn around.
Turn around.
What do you think?
Cool, huh?
This is so lame.
Okay. Oh, wait.
There's more.
What do you got, Dad?
One of the best things
about my motor home vacation...
was when we stopped
at a drive-in.
We sat on the roof of the RV
in our pajamas,
ate popcorn and watched
The Shakiest Gun in the West.
Who's Don Knotts?
Don Knotts?
Thanks, Mr. Newton.
What is it?
You don't know.
- No.
- Good luck!
Ooh, Sara,
it's gonna bite you.
What did I agree
to bring with us?
Uh, Brennan, open it.
Why me? Because you're
a trained Boy Scout.
You're prepared,
and you're closer.
No, I'm not.
Just do it. Open it.
What, are you chicken?
He's huge!
Don't slobber on me! Don't!
Get him away! Get him away!
Get him, Brennan! Get him!
- Honey! Honey!
- Did you see the size of that dog?
I'm okay. I'm all right.
- Daddy!
- Richard!
It's not my fault.
Beethoven, come here, boy.
Oh, my God!
Do you see anything? No! They
must have been tipped off.
Tipped off!
Are you sure?
Hmm, on this particular day, they
go to that particular video store...
and get that particular copy of
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