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are the strongest
and bravest dog that ever lived.
Golly, Beethoven,
you're my best friend.
Best friend.
It's a free-range wienie,
boy! Go get it!
Go away!
No! No! Bad!
No, no, no!
Nice doggie!
Stay away, doggie!
Excuse me.
Where is all the cereal?
Beethoven was hungry,
so I fed it to him.
All ten boxes? He's a big dog,
Brennan, in case you didn't notice.
Okay, okay.
Stop arguing.
We'll make a dog food stop.
Hey, Brenn,
I found your hat.
It was behind the sofa. Now,
how did it get behind there?
- Alarmed. Oh, ho, ho. They're good.
- God!
Hey, why don't you and I
get some coffee over there?
Let them do the shopping.
Um, all right, Brennan.
Be sure to get a receipt, and get
enough dog food to get us to California.
Watch after your sister, now.
Thanks, Dad.
Okay, kid has the keys.
I will pick his pocket,
deactivate the RV alarm
and grab the disc.
What about that dog? That
stupid dog is still there, Tommy.
It's big doggie
night-night time.
Ha! Oh! I thought I told
you to check for fsh.
I did. I swear.
This has got to be the last one.
Stay here.
I wonder if they have
those doggie power bars here.
Here, you just go get the stuff.
I'm gonna wait out here.
But Dad told you to do it.
Sara, you're old enough.
I think you can handle it.
Yes, I can.
I know this isn't how you
thought the trip would go so far.
It's not how I thought
it would go either.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
Oh, Richard,
it hasn't been that bad.
Okay, it's been bad, but it's
the dog's fault, not yours.
You know, I still think there's
plenty of laughs to be had...
on this vacation if we just
forget about Beethoven.
That's right!
That's it!
That's exactly what we'll do.
We'll forget about Beethoven. Yeah.
Excuse me.
You like Hello Kitty?
So, Ensign?
Is that your name?
A- Actually, it's Brennan.
Brennan Newton.
- Hi.
- It wasn't mine. It was my little sister's.
I mean, it was
for my little sister's friend.
He's much more entertaining
than Spartacus was on a vacation.
Then again, maybe not.
Haven't I seen you before?
Uh, yeah, I think
we saw each other on the road.
Dumb dog!
Brennan, are you all right?
That... Uh, I'm fne!
Wait a minute!
What happened? Beethoven just
jumped all over me for no reason!
God, he's messing up
my life!
That's good, honey.
We got to go now.
Mister, is that your dog?
How much?
I'll add it up.
Man's best friend.
Sorry, boy.
Boss' orders.
What's Sumotown?
I don't know. It was Black Bart's
Old-Time Western Town when I was a kid.
- Hi.
- Welcome to Sumotown How many?
Uh, two adults and two kids.
Hey, what happened
to the old-time Western town?
Eh, bankrupt.
We bought it in the early 90s.
Hasn't exactly been a cash cow,
we thought. We're selling off.
You wanna make an offer?
Oh, oh, no, thanks.
We're just gonna catch
the showdown on Main Street.
Hey, there still is
a Main Street showdown, right?
Heck yeah, partner.
Right down there.
It's Black Bart. See the hat?
Can see a lot more than that.
He's gained a few pounds.
Boy, this really takes me back.
To where, Dad?
Dad, why is he looking at me?
Black Bart says,
"What did you call me, boy?"
Is he serious?
I didn't say anything?
Well, I think you did, partner.
I think you called him a liar.
Black Bart says...
you are a yellow belly,
tenderfoot coward dog.
Are you gonna take that?
Yeah, I am, Dad.
I'm not gonna do that.
No, I'm not gonna...
No! Dad! Dad!
It's only acting, Brennan!
Come on! Come on!
Go, Brennan! Go!
Oh, it's okay, honey.
Honey, they're not hurting him.
Brennan! Brennan!
Brennan! Brennan! Brennan!
No! No!
Don't swing me! No!
I'm gonna get sick!
That a boy! Sumo warrior man!
tell me the truth.
Does this suit
make me look fat?
Listen to me.
Daddy Newton has the key.
We're gonna sandwich him
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