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Oh, honey,
I don't hate Beethoven.
I, I just haven't had a chance
to get to know him yet.
Maybe by the end of the trip.
- Promise?
- I, I promise.
Good night.
Wow, we got to put this
on the itinerary.
A life-size peanut butter
sculpture of Abraham Lincoln.
I used to be a nice person.
You're still a nice person.
I don't feel like I am.
Remember the summer
after we got married?
- Mm-hmm.
- You and me and the motorcycle.
That seems so long ago.
Honey, it wasn't that long ago.
I used to be
an adventurous person.
I think you need to get back in
touch with that side of yourself.
What side?
The not worry, adventurous,
messy side.
I can be messy.
Well, what do you call that
tomato sauce bath I had today?
A good start.
Good night, Beethoven.
Shh! Shh! Shh!
Shh! Shh! Okay, okay.
Hey, hey. Remember. These things
are 250 times more sensitive...
than the human eye,
so do not look into any lights.
Okay, no lights.
All right. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.
Why are we wearing these capes?
They are cloaks, William, and
with them we become invisible,
blending into our surroundings
like moon shadows between the trees.
Lock it up.
Come on.
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. Why are
we wearing the canisters, again?
Emergency smoke screens.
Listen. These things are highly
pressurized and highly odoriferous.
Only use them in an emergency.
No, don't touch it.
Repeat after me.
I will hold in my gas, Tommy.
I will hold in my gas, Tommy.
Follow me. Single fle.
There's only two of us.
Are you arguing with me,
mister? No! Single fle.
Okay. Shh! Be quiet!
I am being quiet!
Shut up!
Hold still!
Hold still! Up!
Up! Up! Push!
- What do you see?
- Two kids sleeping.
The disc, Bill.
Where is the disc?
I see it! I see it!
It's right there!
Oh, that is really cool, Tommy.
Where did you get that?
You're on a need-to-know basis, and
I don't believe you need to know.
Tommy! That big dog!
I, I, I...
- I gotta go tinkle.
- Control yourself.
You don't need to destroy us.
Your powers are weak, old dog.
You are the good puppy.
Yes, you are the good puppy.
We love the puppy.
- Here they go again.
Will you shut your dog up?
You over there!
By the camper!
The lights! Don't look
at the light, William!
Activate smoke screen!
Release your gas, William!
Tree! Oh, where's the car?
Can't see!
I see it! Let's go!
Okay! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Don't worry! Oh!
Get in! Get in!
- Let's go! Go!
- Shut up! You're waking up the whole campgrounds!
You're going the wrong way!
No, I'm not. Shut up!
Okay, watch out for the lake!
- We're very sorry, Offcer.
- That's, uh, Ranger.
Offcer Ranger
It won't happen again, Offcer.
Offcer Ranger.
If it happens again, I'm gonna have to
escort you and your dog off the grounds.
He's not our dog.
If it's not your dog, I'm gonna
have to impound the stray right now.
What my son means is,
is it's not our dog...
in the sense that you can't
really truly own an animal.
We're all God's creatures.
Well, look,
Just keep your dog quiet.
Yes, Offcer Ranger.
Sorry about that, fellow
campers. Situation under control.
Good night.
Come on, come on, come on.
- I don't believe it.
He is one of God's dumber
creatures. He's not dumb.
He saw something. That's why
he howled. He was warning us.
- What are you talking about?
- Two men.
I saw them drive away, and I recognized
them from across the street at our house.
And they were following us.
It's official. She's dreaming.
- I'm serious.
- Maybe he's just lonely.
He is out here
all by himself.
Let's go in.
No, no, no, no. Beethoven's staying
outside tonight, and so are you.
- What?
- Honey, if he barks again, they'll make us leave.
- You have to.
- Oh, come on!
Sweet dreams, sweetheart.
Beth! Beth!
Hey, keep it down!
- Here you go, Dad.
- Thanks, sweetheart.
It's for Beethoven, Dad.
Beethoven, you're the best dog
anyone could ever ask for.
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