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Okay. I'm calm now
and clean.
You did this on purpose,
didn't you?
What? Let the towing hitch
hit me in the hmm-hmm?
Threw myself in the lake
and sunk the boat?
No, you snuck Beethoven in the
boat and you towed him here with us.
You did, Dad? Thanks!
Ah, you're welcome sweetheart.
Wait a minute.
I didn't do that.
Look, Beethoven obviously
got away from the kennel,
Jumped in the boat
and hitched a ride here.
Pretty smart dog.
He's an untrained, drooling
hair ball. Beethoven, sit.
See? Now what
are we gonna do with him?
Set him free.
He'll be fne in the wild.
- He's as big as a bear.
- Dad, no!
Dad! Don't worry. There
are no bears here, Brennan.
I don't see any other choice.
We have to take him with us.
- Oh, joy.
- All right.
The minute Beethoven causes me extra
work, he's walking to California.
That's fair.
That's very reasonable.
So what happened
to the boat?
Uh, it's...
They took it away.
He completely totalled it?
but enough.
Look, it wasn't really
all his fault.
Sara, let's take the dog for a walk.
He was in the boat for a long time.
Come on, Beethoven.
Brennan, come with us.
How much did you get
for it? What? The boat?
No, the shards of fberglass
that we used to call the boat.
I had to pay them
to take it away.
Oh. Mm-hmm. Oh.
Okay. That's great.
No, I'm gonna walk him.
What are you doing?
I'm adding up everything
that Beethoven's cost us...
so I know how much to charge George and
Alice when we get to the family reunion.
Sara, I wouldn't let him
chase that thing.
Beethoven, stop!
That's gonna stink!
Sir, we've had some complaints
about your dog.
I'm sorry. He's a house dog.
He doesn't get out much.
Really? Well, look,
it's against park regulations...
to allow fraternization between the
domestic animals and the wildlife.
And from the smell of your dog,
he's been fraternizing. Really?
Yeah, just keep him confined
to the campgrounds,
and, please, get him cleaned up;
he reeks.
How do I get rid
of the smell?
Well, there's only one way
I know for certain.
Tomato sauce.
Any particular kind
of tomato sauce?
Something with basil
would be nice.
No, no, no!
Oh, no! Stop! Stop!
Go throw him in the lake!
Watch the coffee, dude!
Ice coffee.
Oh, I told you
they'd never get away from me.
Do you remember how they used to
laugh at me in school, William?
All the time. Especially the time when you
were in gym class, and you peed your pants...
I'm-I'm just an idiot.
Well, who's laughing now,
I don't know. Who?
Okay. Here's the plan.
We wait until night. Then we
waltz in under cover of darkness.
Yes, and when the family
is asleep,
we grab the DVD
and make a stealthy retreat.
That's a good plan. I know it's a
good plan, because I made up the plan.
You don't have to explain...
It's brain freeze!
Half a cup next time, dude.
Okay, Beethoven. Including
the tomato sauce, the mop...
and the boat, so far
you've cost us $ 2,754.
You're enjoying this, aren't
you? So you got any money?
Do you have a job?
That's what I thought.
Mom, listen to this. I found
a great St. Bernard web site.
The St. Bernard dog is named after the
St. Bernard Pass high in the Swiss Alps.
The most famous St. Bernard
was named Barry,
and he saved the lives
of 41 people.
The last person he saved was a
little boy trapped on an icy ledge.
Barry carried the boy back
to the monks at the hospice,
20 miles through the deep snow.
Oh, my gosh!
Mom, look!
He looks just like Beethoven.
He does.
Let's see. Now where...
There he is,
right where he landed.
Just one tooth.
Okay, time for bed.
Come on. Are you sure Beethoven
is gonna be okay outside?
Honey, didn't you tell me he was
built to live in the mountains?
- But what if he gets lonely?
- He won't get lonely, honey.
Good night, sweetheart.
- Mom?
- What, honey?
Why do you hate Beethoven
so much?
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