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Watch your head.
What did they want with us?
This. It's got a stolen
computer code on it.
It's a shame.
This was a good movie.
Don Knotts gave
the performance of his career.
You know he put on weight
for that role? He did?
I saw it once at a drive-in
when I was a kid.
My dad took us across country
in an RV once.
Not as nice as
your dad's rig, though.
Mr. Newton...
you think you can avoid
borrowing any more squad cars?
- I think so.
- Have a nice trip.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, come on, guys.
Let's go.
We're almost there.
Come on, guys, cheer up. At least we
got to spend two weeks with Beethoven.
It's not like we're
never gonna see him again.
Hey, this will give us a good excuse
to visit Uncle George and Aunt Alice.
Throw it!
I didn't buy it, either. Okay, let's fnd
George and Alice and get this over with.
Come on, honey.
Richard! Richard!
Beth, hey!
Uncle Morrie!
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Ah, you look good. You look
good, Richard. Hey, you too.
Hey, wear this. Give me
a little hug there.
Ahhh. And the kids... Look at
the kids. I can't believe it.
Five years, and look at you
guys. You're all grown up.
Hey, have George and Alice
and the kids arrived yet?
Oh, I gotta tell you
about that.
Georgie called and said he's no gonna
be able to make it to the reunion.
- They're not coming?
- No. They had a problem in "Bratisloba. "
And they're gonna have to extend
their visit for at least another year.
And so he asked me to ask
you if you wouldn't mind...
taking care of the dog
until they get back.
He said he'd pay
for everything.
My brother said this?
Said he'd pay
for everything.
We'd be happy
to take care of Beethoven.
Good. Happy to hear you say
that. Uh, something else.
You remember your cousins,
uh, Ted and Sally?
Sure. They live an hour away
from us in Colorado Springs.
They had to leave in a big hurry.
I mean, the hot dogs weren't...
- Really?
- Anyway, since you're going to be passing their house,
they thought maybe you could
drop something off for them.
Sure we can. Wait. What is it?
Tiny! Baron!
No. No, no.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
It'll be great for you.
You're doing great.
No, I'm not.
# On the road again #
# Just can't wait
to get on the road again #
# I found love is making
music with my friends #
# And I can't wait
to get on the road again #
# On the road again #
# Going places
that I've never been #
# Seeing things that
I may never see again #
# And I can't wait
to get on the road again #
# On the road again
Like a band of gypsies... #
You live in Denver? You're
kidding? What school do you go to?
Ridgecrest High.
You too? No way. Really?
# And our way
is on the road again #
Is your little sister
videotaping us?
- Sara!
- I gotta document everything!
# I found love is making
music with my friends... #
Beethoven, not the toilet!
Get away, Sara!
# On the road again... #
Here, Brennan.
Yeah, like this.
Wait a minute.
Don't break things. Stop.
Wait a minute.
Oh, my God.
How come everybody's
hitting me?
Beethoven, help me!
Help me!
I'm recording this.
Honey, this is great.
I'm so proud of you.
I'm not cleaning this up!
You better control yourselves!What are you doing? Dad said
I was family videographer.
I'm documenting ourjourney.
We're not going on a journey, Sara.
We're going on a very long drive.
Nuh-uh. Dad said
we're taking a journey.
Does the RV have a power port
for my laptop?
We're on a budget, and the economy
model RV might not even have a toilet,
but I'm sure it has
a cigarette lighter.
Power port, Mom. We don't say
cigarette lighter anymore.
We also don't walk around
with a milk moustache...
no matter how much
it accentuates our booger-nose.
Sorry. I'm too excited
about our trip.
Mom, Dad has been quoted as saying this
is gonna be the funnest vacation ever.
Can we get your reaction?
Driving across country to
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