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didn't you
just say, "Yes, I heard the dog growling"?
Because, well,
there is no dog.
Focus. It's just the
motor home settling.
- Okay, okay, let's get moving.
- What? Let's just get the DVD and go.
We are! Except
this time no mistakes.
This time we're taking
the whole motor home.
Hey, look, it's the RV.
Hey, Dad!
Wait a minute.
That isn't my dad.
Somebody's stealing the RV!
Yeah, hi.
Is this Club Canine?
Yes, we have a dog we need picked
up and kenneled for a few days.
Yes, I'll hold.
Honey, what are you doing?
George and Alice can have him
shipped when they get to the reunion.
I'm sorry. I should've done
this a thousand miles ago.
I don't want you to have
a bad trip.
He's gonna be okay. It says here that
Club Canine has a four-biscuit rating.
- Didn't we try this already?
- Yeah, but this time he's gonna stay.
Yeah. He's 185 pounds.
No, I'm not kidding.
Hold on a second.
Brennan, what's going...
Oh, hello.
Dad, someone just
stole the RV!
- What?
- Sara was in it!
She said that Beethoven was lonely,
so she went to keep him company.
I should've told you, Dad.
I'm sorry.
- Richard!
- I found it!
Who told you we'd get
it? You did, Tommy.
Who's the man?
You are, Tommy.
Shhh. Beethoven.
Maybe they won't
know we're here.
Go check it out.
I don't want to.
Check it out! Go!
Did you fnd
anything useful?
Seventy-three empty coffee cups in
the car. The car's a hunk of junk.
Well, we know that. Who
are they? What do they want?
Who's chasing them down to get my
little girl back? Calm down, Mr. Newton.
We've got every unit
in the area looking for 'em.
We don't even know if your
daughter's in the motor home.
I just told you so! Mr. Newton,
we're doing everything we can.
No, you're not!
Hey! What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I'm going after my
little girl. Hang on!
Go, Dad! Yeah!
Be a man, William!
Doggie night-night time.
Oh, my God!
We're kidnappers.
Tommy, you never said nothing
about us being kidnappers!
Shut up.
You're babbling.
Stop babbling and let me
think. Think about what?
We are going to jail!
Panicking is not allowed!
Tommy, you said nobody
was gonna get hurt!
Well, no one has been hurt,
so shut up!
- No, no, you shut up!
- No, you shut up!
- You shut up!
- No, you shut up!
- You shut up!
- You first! You shut up!
La-la-la, can't hear you.
Can't listen to you.
You know, you're gonna get
in a lot of trouble for this.
- Yeah.
- Okay, might as well go Code Three.
Go ahead, floor it.
Stop this,
or I'm telling your mom!
Stop it now!
I'm gonna... be taking...
a nice little nap.
When we catch up, are you gonna
shoot out the tires or something?
You watch too much television.
We can't risk hurting the girl.
What should I do?
Get up ahead of'em
and slam on the brakes.
Stop! You're going too fast!
You're gonna crash us!
You should've thought of that
before you tried to stow away.
And before you tried to steal the
operating system from me, little girl!
Or should I say...
"secret agent"?
Beethoven, he's crazy!
Ah. Toro!
Toro, come on. Come on.
Come on. You want some of this.
Go get him, Beethoven!
Come on!
Stop it! He's hot!
You want a piece of me?
William, get out here!
William, get out here!
God, we're moving. William!
We're gonna crash!
Get... Stay down!
Beethoven, get up!
Beethoven, please... sit!
No! No! Stand! No!
Oh, my God!
No, don't sit!
Good boy!
- Sara!
- Daddy!
Daddy! Daddy!
Honey, I'm so sorry
we didn't believe you.
Beethoven saved me,
Daddy. Yes, he did. He did.
Hey, she's okay.
I was wrong about you.
You are a hero.
Oh, honey, I love you.
Hang around.
You're under arrest.
I want a large black coffee...
and two sugars.
And can you make it fast?
You will not arrest me. You will
give us only a parking ticket.
You are getting sleepy.
Lock him up, tight.
Sleepy. You are sleepy.
You are all sleepy.
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