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to spend the night in the RV, okay?
Honey, stand up.
Stand up.
Come on, boy. Let's see how good
you are. Find her, boy! Find her!
your nose is a genius.
Come on, boy.
Are you sure Beethoven's gonna
be okay in the RV all alone?
We gave him his dinner.
He's been walked.
He has water. He's got
his own bachelor apartment.
Honey, he'll be fine.
Now, Mommy and I are
gonna go to sleep early.
So just stay
in the room, okay?
Can we stay up late,
watch movies and eat junk?
Sure. Just stay
in the room.
Yeah, Dad, I got it.
Good night, guys.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, Beethoven.
Penny Miller's room,
please. Thank you.
- Who?
- Shhh.
Mrs. Penny Mill...
I mean...
Uh, yes, Mrs. Penny Miller,
this is, um, the front desk,
and we think you may have left some
personal items at the pool today.
Um, would you come down
and claim them, please?
- Ooh-ooh.
- Um, tomorrow morning?
Uh, yes, I suppose that
would work out fne. Thank you.
What happened to "Hi, it's
Brennan. We met at the campground"?
you're too young
to understand these things.
- Are you gonna go meet her?
- Tomorrow, I guess.
- See ya.
- What are you doing?
Didn't you hear
what Dad said?
What do you think
you're doing?
I'm gonna sleep with Beethoven
so he won't get lonely.
Mom and Dad
are gonna be really mad.
Only if they fnd out, which they
won't because you won't tell on me.
Because if you do, I'll tell
them about you and Penny. Deal?
He's hyper-normal. He's canine,
but he's some kind of hybrid.
He's some kind of mutant,
you know? He's some kind of...
That's it!
I'm-I'm awake, huh?
Governmental Species Alteration.
They take alien brain tissue, and they
put it into ordinary household pets.
That dog is an alien! He's
canine, but he's not canine.
He's alien,
but he's not alien.
He's superintelligence in one
giant, dumb-looking package.
This is clever stuff,
Dude, man, are you okay?
I'm all right. I'm all right.
And-And do you know why?
Because I just hacked into the
country's main credit card network...
and I asked for the last place where
Richard Newton used his credit card!
That's why I'm all right.
"Early-On-Inn, Early-On-Inn. "
We're going to trank the disc
and grab the dog.
No, no!
That would be wrong.
We're going to trank the dog
and grab the disc.
Yes, 'cause that's how it goes,
and that's how it always goes.
Then, go! I'm ready!
Drive! Drive!
I missed you so much.
Come on, Beethoven.
Here we are.
Oh, thank you.
Personal items, huh? I
thought it was you. You did?
I recognized your voice.
You did?
So, how's your trip?
You frst.
It's okay. Yours?
It's good now.
You want to take
a walk? Cool.
No way!
It's true.
Beethoven was chasing them,
and they just got so scared...
they shoved themselves into that
little car and peeled out.
That's the craziest
thing I've ever heard.
Beethoven's like the coolest
dog I've ever seen.
Well, next to Puddles.
Who's Puddles?
My dog. Well, my dad
named him Puddles...
after he made a mess in my dad's
favorite chair right after we got him.
I know what you mean. Beethoven's made
a lot of messes out of things on my trip.
At least it's not boring
like my vacation.
Well, actually, this is the
best time I've had all trip.
Me too.
So, where's Beethoven
now? He's in the RV.
Can we go visit him?
Tommy, it says here,
"Beverage extremely hot. "
Oh, hot, hot, hot.
They forgot
to turn the alarm on.
Uh, good, good.
One more sip.
- What if it's a trap?
- Listen to me!
On the count of three, we open
the door and trank the dog.
No, no, it won't hurt him.
He'll just go sleepy-sleepy.
- Oh. Oh.
- Begin the countdown.
Ten, nine,
eight, seven...
Three, two, one!
Eight, seven...
Where is the coffee?
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
The dog growling.
Uh, yes.
Why did you say, "Hear what?" Why
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