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Бермудский треугольник

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Emily! Emily!
Let's go!
This place is great.
Dr. Geller, please.
Let me just get you logged on.
Tell me again about
the water sample you guys took.
How many houses like this
does he have exactly?
- A few.
- A few.
You mean just here in the States.
He's gotta have places
outside the States, too, right?
Guys like Benirall,
they have villas, beach estates.
They don't even remember
they own 'em, all right?
I would like to report
to Mr. Benirall, please.
- What was it about the water that...
- It's called a halocline.
A gradient, usually vertical,
in the ocean.
Dr. Patterson... Emily recognized it.
You're saying there's an area
of fresh water in the ocean?
That's what's near the 747?
Haloclines are extremely rare.
Normally caused by
fresh water run off nearby land.
These werert anywhere near land.
We located the downed aircraft
by side-scan sonar only.
I'm afraid it's at a depth which precludes
any serious attempt at recovery.
The wreckage is scattered
over an area...
estimated at nearly a mile long,
and there are no survivors.
Considering the location
of the crash...
recovery of victims' bodies should be
considered extremely unlikely.
NTSB officials say the cause of
the crash is still under investigation.
But early indicators suggest
that the plane may have been...
the victim of a pocket
of extreme turbulence.
No survivors?
Try... no bodies.
Try... everybody disappeared.
The girl.
What have they done with the girl?
What have they done with her?
I know what you think.
But that woman that we found
wasrt a little girl who magically...
No, don't... don't patronize me!
Why does it always seem that
the more education a person has...
the more unwilling they are
to accept new ideas?
I mean, how many degrees
do you have?
- Four.
- Four.
What's the definition of science?
Evidence through observation.
Now, you saw the condition
of that plane.
You saw the passengers
were missing.
You saw me directly lead you
to the one surviving passenger.
Now, how can you
question that now?
Now, I'm telling you
that old woman...
was a six-year-old child
when she boarded that plane.
When you see what you see...
do you know they're visions
or whatever? I mean...
Do you, um...
Do you know they're absolutely real?
As real as my looking at you now.
Calm down.
Marty, will you shut up?
Of course I can tell you to shut up.
You're the editor of a cheesy tabloid.
Now, the bad news is I'm not gonna
be filing a story this week, but...
Because I'm out in the field.
No, it's nothing you're paying for.
Listen, I've witnessed this... I'm part...
You know what, Marty?
You're just gonna have to trust me.
This story's gonna be big,
and you're gonna love it.
No, I'm not at the damn dog track.
Look, I'm hangir up
on you now, all right?
Not a simple request,
I understand that...
but I mean, look, satellite films.
We've got haloclines posting through
most of the Southern Atlantic.
Look at this spot right here.
It's halocline crazy.
I mean, this is uneard of.
And satellite is amazing,
amazing, valuable technology...
but listen, this phenomena
can't be examined from 200 miles up.
No, sir, this calls for...
Yeah, four people.
Yeah, we got it.
Hey, guys. We got it.
- Got what?
- Our sub.
- Did he say sub?
- Mm-hmm.
Only private sub on the Florida coast
rated for 300 fathoms.
Sub as in submarine?
Following up on your haloclines.
But it's in Fort Pierce, so we're going
to have to drive all night...
if we're going to be there
by morning.
Anybody have trouble
sleeping in a car?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
What happened to the nice offices
in Canaveral City?
As field opportunities come up,
Mr. Benirall expects you to take 'em.
Hey, we just got back
from the damn 747.
We've got observed data to
research, assimilate... weeks' won'th.
They're your haloclines.
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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