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Бермудский треугольник

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a try.
If he doesn't buy it,
what's he going to do? Fire us?
You don't have to wear it.
No, of course not.
You got it?
Yeah, it's right here.
What, sweetie?
I got it. Here.
There you go.
We're boarding now, right?
Yeah, we are. It's Gate 7.
Your flight leaves in 90 minutes.
We got your offices
set up and waiting...
right in Cape Canaveral City,
minutes from the Space Center.
Oh, I almost forgot.
What are those?
This is everything Mr. Benirall
has collected on the Triangle.
Pretty much every known
scrap of information...
on the phenomenon.
There's over 13,000 pages in there.
A lot of it's nonsense.
You know, bunch of polysyllabic
words that say nothing.
But some of it
is, like, really great...
"Get-me-Art-Bell on-the-phone"
kind of stuff.
You believe in this?
No, Daddy, like this. Watch!
Why aren't you trying?
I am trying.
You used to be really good.
What happened?
You're doing good.
Where are you going, Daddy?
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but I have never
laid eyes on...
that game before in my life.
You bought it specifically...
so that you and Dylan
could play together.
He is your son, damn it.
Your flesh and blood.
You named him Dylan.
The doctors say
there's nothing wrong with me.
Well, nothing wrong physically...
but you have got to see
someone else.
See a different type of doctor.
I need to get to work.
They're going to expect me back.
Do it, Meeno!
Look, Helen, I don't...
For us. For your family.
Heather, you OK?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are experiencing turbulence...
so the captain has turned on
the "Fasten seat belt" sign.
Flight 777, ceiling is at 37,000 feet,
visibility 40 miles.
You got clear flying.
- Captain?
- No, thanks.
Fog bank.
Damn it. Why isn't that
on my RYCAP?
Hold on!
Mr. Benirall, sir.
Yes, what?
How long ago?
Who else knows this?
Absolutely. All of it.
As soon as you get it.
Get me Ackerman right away.
There's been...
Something's happened.
Wow. How'd you ever divine that?
Come on! Out of line.
What are you talking about?
A plane has gone down.
A commercial liner.
I got a chopper standing by.
- Let's go!
- Go where?
It's a 747.
Outbound flight,
Miami to Zurich.
Full passenger list
plus 11 crew members.
What about survivors?
CNN... Reuters...
nobody's saying.
This is the crash site
of a commercial airliner.
They don't need us
in their way right now.
Forget about need.
That's the U.S. Coast Guard
down there.
You really think
they're gonna let us...
go traipsir around
while they're trying to work?
What are those?
You cannot be serious.
Are these real?
What are they?
They're DOD's
INDEF security IDs.
Department of Defense? INDEF?
Spook time. It's "I tell you,
I'm gonna kill you" territory.
I mean, nobody has these.
Are they real?
Tell me you're not giving us
counterfeit government IDs.
Counterfeit? Define your terms.
Yes, counterfeit, because none of you
has that kind of clearance.
But they are 100%% % the real thing.
Look, you flash that...
nobody's gonna dare question
you being there.
Do we get to keep these?
I mean, after?
Coast Guard cutter Defiance,
this is Romeo Two Echo.
Romeo Two Echo, this is Defiance.
Defiance, Romeo Two Echo,
a Bell 222...
requesting permission to land.
Attention on deck.
Attention on deck.
How come you got out here so fast?
We were already in the vicinity
on sentry patrol.
Navy's got some maneuvers goir on.
Had us out here baby-sittir this patch.
Any survivors?
The plane's resting on a shelf
around 30 meters down.
It's not very deep,
but survivors? I doubt it.
We have some ROVs deployed.
Why ROVs?
Why not just send divers?
Ma'am, we're a security contingent.
We have divers aboard...
but none of my boys are
NTSB Rescue/Recovery trained.
The mainland's puttir together
a whole cigar box...
full of experts
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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