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Бермудский треугольник

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It's covered.
Jaro said you can come back
to work anytime you're ready.
A one-nothing lead
in the 3-game series.
And over in soccer,
the lightning...
Rubers been messing
with my presets again.
No, he hasn't.
Those are the same stations
they've always been.
Helen, I think
that what happened to me...
I think it somehow
affected my memory.
Your memory?
What do you mean?
This truck was blue.
I know it's the same truck.
There's Rubers cherry soda stain
on the carpet, but...
Unless you had it painted
while I was in the hospital?
Of course I haven't had it painted.
Come on, Meeno, it's always...
Hey, hey, it's the Rubenator!
Oh, man. I missed you.
You know, the whole time
I was out there...
all I could think about
was getting back here to you.
They wouldn't let me
come to the hospital.
I know. I know.
It's OK, though.
I'm here now.
Hey, hey, hey! Nader!
Hey, Nader. How's my Nader?
Hey, hey!
Who's this?
Arert you going to hug Dylan?
Dylan... our youngest.
Passengers, Flight 246
to Dallas-Fort Worth...
is now boarding at Gate C24.
Tell Victor to cover my classes.
Don't ask him. Just tell him.
And have the grad students
keep crunching the hurricane data.
No, I can't tell you what I'm doing.
I can't tell you...
Listen, just hold down
the fort, all right?
So what is the Triangle anyway?
Do we even know its boundaries?
Miami, Bermuda, San Juan.
14,000 square miles.
You didn't know that?
And you're what?
Our ocean person expert?
Deep ocean resource recovery.
So forgive me for not being
conversant in the current folklore.
Well, it's not just folklore.
Thousands of people have been lost.
And ships, planes.
You heard Benirall.
I'm here because he lost 6 ships
in the last 12 months.
That's something
I can help him with.
Nobody really knows
anything about this guy.
We know he's rich.
And that's about it.
He's a total enigma.
Like the anti-Trump.
No TV show,
no Business Week interviews...
no society columns.
Hey, we know he believes
the Bermuda Triangle is real.
There is a mystique to the region.
Hey, what about him?
What does he do?
I think he said
he's a weatherman or something.
The preeminent
meteorological authority...
on the South Atlantic and environs.
Of course. That explains why
I've heard of him.
What's the name of the newspaper
you work for, again?
Oh, that's right. The Observer.
No, no, I'm still here.
No, nobody sits this one out.
I want everybody on this.
Grad students, undergrads.
Every warm body
whose academic life...
I hold in the palm
of my god-like hand.
Yes, you heard me right...
Very funny.
Just get them started.
Benirall was very specific.
He wanted your work, not your coeds.
5 million on the line.
That could fund my research
for the next 10 years.
I'm going to use
every resource I've got.
People have been trying
to explain the Triangle for years.
Why Benirall thinks
that us... this group...
can come up
with some new answer...
Definitive answer.
Hey, this is Zegna!
I'm going to get a cup of coffee.
Anybody else?
No, thanks.
That's what I'm talking about.
But I'm sure having
a paranormal guy around like that...
makes you feel more at home.
Ooh, that's rich.
Why am I sitting here?
What do we really expect
to accomplish?
We expect to accomplish
a big chunk of Benirall's millions...
in our bank accounts.
There is no answer to find.
We're going on a wild goose chase.
We all went to college, right?
We all faked a paper or two in our time.
I never faked anything in my life.
I said college paper, luv.
Look, I really don't think
we're going to be able...
to con this guy out of
parting with $20 million.
Why not?
We're all experts in our field.
Well, I know I am.
What's to stop us?
We spend 3 weeks,
drop 6,000 pages in his lap...
full of polysyllabic words,
data specific to our individual expertise.
We dazzle him.
It's won'th
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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