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Бермудский треугольник

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of the South Atlantic...
is one of the busiest
shipping areas in the world.
Ships go down.
It experiences
two powerful sea breezes...
one from the east,
and one from the west.
The push between the two forces
triggers extreme weather.
The Atlantic is also
the deepest ocean in the world...
with amazingly strong currents.
6 ships lost in a single year.
Now, these are not pleasure craft...
some drunken day-sailors
at the helm.
No, these are
very, very, very large ships...
made of iron and steel...
with the most professional crews
in the world.
But no distress signals were given.
There were no adverse conditions.
They just disappeared
without a trace.
Why isn't this public knowledge?
It is. What I'm about
to show you is not.
This particular ship had
her own encounter...
just two nights ago.
94 miles from shore.
She's the first that's managed
to make it home.
No explanation as to why
she was spared...
but not unscathed.
Of a crew of 25... only 7 survived.
None of you believe a word
I'm saying, do you?
Which is good.
That's what I need.
Look, Mr. Benirall,
it's not that I don't believe you.
And I really respect
all that adventurous stuff you do.
I mean, the America's Cup wins...
and that Arctic thing
you did last year.
I kind of did the same
sort of thing myself.
I really appreciate your problem
with missing ships...
No, you don't. You don't give
a rat's ass about my problems.
But I'm rich, you see...
and I'm known to be
a bit crazy with my money...
which is all the magnet
I needed to draw you here...
and to keep you here...
I'm willing to share
some of those riches.
Mind your heads.
Christopher Columbus himself
recorded more than one encounter...
during his voyages
through the Triangle.
In fact, despite having discovered
a new world for Queen Isabella...
Columbus was ultimately
imprisoned by the Spanish.
Any of you know why?
On one of his return voyages,
he lost 500 men...
and more than 6 of his 30 ships
to a freak hurricane.
Despite the large number
of ships and men lost...
not a single remnant
was ever found.
Columbus was thrown in prison...
on the accusation
that he had somehow...
personally summoned
the unnatural storm.
The charge was sorcery.
Ten years before this,
he recorded his first encounter...
with a strange phenomenon
in the Atlantic.
Might I read you something
from his log record for that night?
"Appeared before us
a behemoth of iron...
"the measure of a mountain.
Before our eyes, then not.
"Not of this God's known world."
Now, two nights ago,
this ship ran into fog.
All seven survivors say
they saw ships within that fog.
But not just ships...
wooden sailing ships.
Three of them.
Flying Spanish flags.
The flags that the Spanish
have not flown...
for more than four centuries.
You think that this crew
encountered Columbus?
We don't know what they saw.
People build recreations
of old ships all the time.
They fly all sorts of flags.
Ms. Patterson,
I do know something...
about what's out on the ocean,
and I do trust my crews.
And they do not believe that
what they saw were recreations.
Might I suggest
that you prepare yourselves?
What exactly are
we supposed to be observ...
Is that...
11 men died here.
More than just died.
That's close, Mr. Lathem.
In fact, it was 9 men who died here.
This is the only physical
evidence we have...
of what actually happened
on board that night.
As for the rest of the crew...
Now, at the same time...
these remains appeared
on the foredeck of the ship.
Remains that forensic sampling...
would suggest belonged
to a man who'd never had...
a single childhood
inoculation in his life...
that bathed with lye soap...
and was suffering
from the onset of scurvy.
Anyone not of a rational mind
might begin to think that perhaps...
this man came from
the wooden ships.
Come along, Ms. Patterson.
Those the seven survivors?
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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