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Бермудский треугольник

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What do you mean, "this time"?
Nothing's ever written in stone.
Thank you.
How's the family?
They're good.
How's the boyfriend?
It's not working out.
So, you're gonna stay?
Stick with Gina and...
Yeah... for now.
I must admit I only comprehend
perhaps one percent...
of what you've set down here.
I think, if I understand you correctly...
your basic claim
is that the four of you...
entered some kind of arrangement
with my company.
The basic tenet of which was
that if you discovered...
the secret behind something
called the Bermuda Triangle...
you would each receive $5 million.
Is that correct?
You're Winston.
We really should be talking
with your brother.
He's the one who made the offer,
he'd be the one who remembered.
No, you are talking to the right person.
I am the company's chief financial officer.
Thank you, Ackerman.
Now, you referred to escrow accounts
and bank deposit slips.
That's right. Deposit slips.
We were given deposit slips.
Where are they now?
We don't have them.
We didn't...
Well, you see, I would remember that.
Indeed, I would have had to sign
for sums that large.
So I thank you for your time.
I agreed to see you because
collectively your credentials...
and your reputations are such that...
Listen, if we could only speak
with your brother.
Yes, well, I've allowed you
to waste my time...
specifically so you wouldn't
waste my brother's.
Frankly, this is all
somewhat preposterous.
So good day.
The only reason you're here today
is 'cause we changed the world.
Mr. Ackerman will see you out.
Hey, we remember. It was won'th
a shot to see if Benirall did.
Yeah, but why do we remember?
I mean, maybe it's everything
we went through.
Hey, you were dead,
now you're alive.
That's how your world changed.
You came out great.
Me, I've got family,
responsibilities. And a bum leg.
Did you ever find out how that...
Caught in a diving trip in the Aleutians.
This reality... not so lucky.
This reality. Think we'll ever
get used to saying that?
This is our reality now.
Eventually, we'll get used to it.
What about Meeno?
He's fine.
I talked to him this morning.
He's fine.
Well, that's it.
I guess this is good-bye...
seeing as we never actually met.
Actually, I don't know that it's really over.
You know?
I mean, like Wiest said...
that part of the Atlantic's always been
home to some strange phenomena.
Coming to bed?
Yeah. I'll be there in a minute.
Бермудский треугольник

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