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Бермудский треугольник

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got to explain it to him.
We've got to get Sheedy there.
I'm not letting you anywhere near
the Secretary of the Navy.
- You did it before!
- Get off him!
Listen, you've got a brother... Winston.
He disappeared in the Triangle, didn't he?
You've been trying to find him.
Well, he might still be alive.
Get out!
Stopping what's about to happen
could be your only chance...
of ever knowing for sure.
We've got to stop this!
Come on, mate.
Let's do this smart.
We need some sort of plan!
Coming through.
I gotta see Wiest.
- What took you guys so long?
- Hey, we almost left you in there.
- What convinced you to bail me out?
- What if you're right?
What time's this thing
supposed to happen?
- Just after 11:00. 11:06.
- That's less than 2 hours.
Benirall won't talk to us.
There's only one option left...
the Greenpeace way.
- Let me drive.
- What?
Massive flooding
throughout South Beach...
and surrounding areas
has left hundreds stranded.
As this storm strengthens,
voluntary evacuation has been...
Hey! Meeno!
l... I was just coming to...
Coming to see me. Yeah, I know.
Listen, at the boat yard
you've got a fast cigarette boat, right?
Really fast one?
This is all about getting him inside.
Whatever we do,
we've got to get him inside.
Get you talking to your partner,
to anyone who'll listen.
I can't believe we're doing this.
Hey, this is my second go.
What makes you think
this time will be any different?
We're a little earlier this time.
How early?
20 minutes.
You better get back up here.
Dйja vu all over again.
Navy... the scientists.
They'd have to have all seen this.
They think that's
what they're going to stop.
Bravo 1-7 engage at 7.4 Alpha.
Engaging, Bravo 1-7.
- Hey!
- What the hell are you doing?
We've got to get away from them.
Got to get him closer!
Closer to where
they're setting this thing off!
Hey, this was your idea.
Base, this is Nighthawk 3.
The craft is unidentified.
Please advise.
Attention, all departments.
We are at 18 minutes to primary event.
Stage 1 of 5 is now complete.
We are at Stage 2 and counting.
Repeat, Stage 2 of 5 and counting.
- Dr. Osserman.
- Welcome, sir.
We've got a Code 3, sir.
Do we have any sort of ID on the craft?
No, sir. Fast boat like that
could be drugs.
This far out?
They're within the zone, sir.
Shouldrt I notify project hierarchy?
Now? Absolutely not.
Signal your people.
Authorize Action One.
Action One. My direct order.
Do it.
Delta 1-5, fire at will.
Off! Everybody off!
Everyone OK?
OK. Let's go!
We know what you're doing here.
You've got to let us talk to someone.
Someone whose job
it is other than to shove me!
Hey, tell Osserman,
Carl Sheedy is here.
Carl Sheedy!
Tell him Dr. Sheedy's here.
Tell him he's got it all wrong.
Tell him!
What are you looking for?
Stage 3, we are at Stage 3 of 5.
Seven minutes until primary event.
Seven minutes and counting.
Dr. Osserman.
What is it?
Here? Can't be.
It's him.
How could he be...
Somebody said a boat
breached the perimeter.
In a boat?
He said...
he said you've got it all wrong.
We're too late.
No. We finish what we came here to do.
Stage 4.
We are now under three minutes
and counting.
My God.
I couldn't believe you...
How did you...
What in blazes are you doing here?
Doctor, we have to talk to you.
What you're about to do,
you have to stop.
Listen to them, Victor.
Is that what this is all about?
Sir, we really have to get back.
You voiced your reservations
years ago when you left the project...
and now you're here, like this?
My God, Carl.
Sir, please.
Doctor, we have data
that you don't have.
You've got to listen to us.
It's vitally important.
Just listen to us for five minutes.
You think you're gonna fix a tear,
but it's not a tear, it's a ripple!
You're actually gonna
cause the Triangle...
You're about to end everything.
Victor, you and I, we argued.
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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