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Бермудский треугольник

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years ago.
That's what this whole thing
has been about for Benirall.
It's about finding his brother.
You better get back up here!
Oh, my God!
The Navy, the scientists,
they'd have to see that!
That's what they think
they're gonna stop!
We've got company!
Can you go any faster?!
Bravo 1-7 engage at 7.4 Alpha.
Engaging, Bravo 1-7.
All right, Mr. Greenpeace,
what now?
Get below!
Get below!
We have to get close
to where they're going.
Delta 1-5, fire at will.
Firing at will.
We lost power!
We must be close to the site!
We've lost power.
I'm getting no response.
Too late.
It's too late!
Here you go, Doctor.
It's happening!
Oh, my God!
Howard, what are you doing?
Howard, what are you doing?!
Howard, are you there? Hello?
Do you want to leave a message
for Dr. Geller or not?
Hello, Mr. Thomas?
Mr. Thomas?
We're back.
Hang on.
My God, what is that?
- What's happening?
- Howard?
Hang on.
This is Carl Sheedy.
My God, what happened to you?
Where's Stan?
He's dead.
Give me your phone.
Phone... need to...
Let me use it.
I know what's going to happen.
I know everything
that's going to happen.
I'm... What?
What? I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy.
I'm not making this up.
I'm not hallucinating.
Stan died over this.
I'm not about
to let him down over this.
Hello, Ackerman?
It's Howard Thomas.
Listen, we've got something,
and I need to see Benirall right now.
Yeah, I know he's not there.
He's holed up in his office.
He's not seeing anybody.
He's... lt doesn't matter how I know.
You tell him that we're coming by
and we've got to see him now, all right?
He'll see us, I know he will.
Yes. Yes. It's rippling backwards.
You know this
because you lived this before?
Well, everything he's saying
is possible.
Atoms aren't really solid at all.
They're loaded with space.
In fact, they're mostly space.
The only reason I can't put my hand
through this car door...
is because the door's atoms
and mine are operating...
on a mutually interactive frequency.
But if you could somehow...
change the frequency
of the atoms in your hand...
your hand would or could theoretically
pass right through that door.
Since we also see along
the same frequency...
visible light wave lengths,
the door would also seem to disappear.
Any body would.
Like a ship or a plane.
It would continue to exist
in some other dimension?
So all the planes, the ships,
all the people over all these years...
they aren't gone?
They may have simply...
been knocked out of phase
with our world...
and actually continue to exist?
Look, I know you want
to see Mr. Benirall...
but he's in no sh...
Hey, who the hell is this?
- Mr. Benirall is not...
- There's been a new wrinkle.
Turn on the light.
Mr. Benirall...
I'm gonna tell you something
that's going to sound absolutely incredible.
But we have your answer.
We know what's causing the Triangle.
This could be the answer. It fits.
The theory has to do with space-time,
a ripple that travels backwards.
You have to believe us.
There isn't time for you not to believe us.
Glenfiddich in that,
and I might drink it.
I've experienced this before.
We've been here like this before.
In just a couple of hours...
the Navy is going to trigger
something in the Atlantic.
Something that sets off some sort
of massive chain reaction...
that will change the world forever
unless we do something.
We do have reason to believe
that there is some facility...
that's been built out in the Atlantic.
An enormous device underwater.
I know for a fact it was built.
Who are you?
This is Carl Sheedy.
My partner and I,
we developed the...
- You expect me to believe...
- Listen to me, please!
Now, the Secretary of the Navy,
Wiest, he's here in Miami.
You've got to get us in to see him.
He's here in town.
You know he is!
You are truly out of your mind.
Wiest can stop this.
We've just
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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