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Бермудский треугольник

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entire distance...
free-falling for over 2 minutes
before the crew...
was able to regain control
and level off...
...throughout the entire
southern half of the state...
in a pattern that defies explanation.
In most cases,
it is the complete grid that is failing.
With only sections...
3 hours.
Can I help you?
I interviewed you, right?
You're the Greenpeace guy.
l... I don't know where else I can...
Please help me.
What's this?
- It's the latest from the Pacific Rim.
- And?
They're registering a huge increase
in tropospheric ozone.
50 points in the last hour.
What's the latest from the poles?
Who's got the station in Antarctic?
Dr. Geller!
This isn't just the Atlantic.
It's spreading everywhere.
What is happening?
What if they're wrong?
Way wrong.
Bruce, you gotta listen to me.
He's experiencing the same thing we are.
I had never seen that little boy
before in my life.
But we might be able
to learn something from him.
He was my son.
My wife told me he was my son.
Based on the story he's telling...
he's the damn poster child
for everything that's been going on.
I started to care about him,
and then he was gone.
And now my whole family's
gone just like that!
Now my house is empty and
there's a "For sale" sign out front.
- All right.
- Nothing's making sense.
Come on!
- Look at this.
- What?
Pressure waves.
Pressure waves.
Waves aren't linear.
- They're a pattern phenomenon.
- Yeah, that can't be.
If the Philadelphia Experiment
had caused a tear...
that's a wedge phenomenon.
That's not a pattern.
This is Meeno.
Listen, we've got data that
suggests, strongly suggests...
that the events taking place around us
cannot be caused by a tear.
It's traveling outwards, globally.
The Navy's had all their own people
on this for decades...
Yeah, decades means
lots of turnover in staff...
newbies coming on a project
tend to accept...
the assumptions
of their predecessors.
Are you telling us the Navy
doesn't know about this?
You want to know
how we know what we know?
- Yeah.
- Pressure waves.
A ripple.
What if the Triangle effect
could be rippling out from 1943?
You toss a pebble in the lake
and the effects ripple outward...
- from the point of origin...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
The effects are getting stronger.
A pebble in the lake,
the ripples gradually diminish.
They don't increase.
If all this is the result
of the Forties experiment...
then it should have been
strongest back then, not now.
But we're not talking about something
moving in three dimensions.
- It's traveling in...
- Four.
Time. The fourth dimension is time.
So the effects of
this more powerful event...
could be moving forward
and backward in time.
And the closer
we get to the moment, it's...
The stronger it gets?
If that's true, then this back blast...
the Navy's about to set off
isn't gonna stop anything at all.
It's gonna cause it.
Sheedy's worst case scenario.
Everything could just cease to exist.
What do you mean?
He means whatever's been happening
to all those ships and planes...
happens to everything.
So, what... what can we do?
We tell them.
That's not going to work.
We've only got two hours.
- You need more time.
- How do we get that?
You create it.
You get up in their faces
so they can't set off...
their... their whatever it is.
Confront them, head on.
Stop them.
With what?
Hell of a boat!
Must be your pride and joy.
My family was my pride and joy.
My son.
My sons.
I'm going down.
Are we almost there?
We're cutting this really close!
It's already after 11:00.
If this works, we need to know
what to do first...
what to say first.
We need to be prepared.
Are you laughing?
I see! I finally see.
You remember that person
I saw on the other side...
of the mirror behind Benirall?
It's Winston!
He has a brother.
Winston Benirall.
He disappeared on one of
the family ships a few
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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