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Бермудский треугольник

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pretty cavalier about it.
Because we are gonna stop it.
I've been part of the Navy
Secretary's office for 46 years.
I've been the actual Secretary
for the last 17 of those...
through nine
different administrations.
All because
I took point on this project.
I was an ensign on the E/dridge.
My entire career,
everything I've done since that day...
aboard that ship,
has been aimed at one thing.
Finding a way to close Pandora's box.
What can you do to stop it?
A back blast.
A back blast issued
at a precise moment...
before the crux event.
The tear will close permanently.
The Triangle gone... forever.
You know, other people
have been affected...
have been injured by what you're doing.
We're in a war here.
A war with the forces of nature herself.
Why tell us about this now?
Because you've come
as far as you have.
Because you know
as much as you do.
And in less than 6 hours,
this will be all over.
Even if you were insane enough
to try to stop it...
what could you do? Who could you
possibly tell that matters?
All we want to do is finally put an end...
to this... nightmare
that we ourselves began.
That's all we're trying to do.
what do you want to talk about?
Well, the first question...
do we believe him?
You might have noticed the mars leg.
Could be an injury from some other thing.
You ever see another amputation
at an angle like that?
Enough about the leg.
Do we believe him?
Certainly all fits,
at least from what he told us.
They could be doing anything out there.
You know how many cover stories
they come up with on a daily basis?
What's his motivation for lying to us?
What's his motivation
for telling us the truth?
Well, he's very proud of
what he's doing.
I mean, if they are fixing
this horrible wrong...
that they created half a century ago...
maybe he wants people to know about it.
He's dedicated his entire adult life to it.
Well, like the man said,
we're certainly no threat.
Well, Benirall's the one
that could make...
the biggest stink for him.
Benirall seemed very relieved
about something.
Guess we'll know at 11:00 tonight.
Yeah. I wonder
if anything'll be different...
when we wake up tomorrow.
We'll know when we wake up
and we're all missing a foot.
They don't know anything.
Wait a second. I know exactly
what's going to happen to us tomorrow.
- What?
- We're gonna get our $5 million.
- Come on.
- We did it.
What we were contracted to do.
We brought Benirall his answer.
- No, we didn't.
- We led him to it. We did.
Come on, people.
It's Miller time.
Imagine we wake up tomorrow...
all of our crazy visions gone,
the Triangle gone...
everything back to normal.
Don't need normal. Stable.
But $5 million richer, each.
The world is gonna change tomorrow.
Talk about stability.
Doesrt seem to matter whether
it's mammal, reptile, or bird.
For some inexplicable reason,
they're all in a highly, highly agitated state.
Dad? What are you doing here?
Just checking in.
Wanted to see how you're doing.
OK, I guess.
- Yeah?
- You could've just called.
No, no, I couldn't,
'cause I wanted to see you.
Have you talked to Mindy or Mom?
I left messages.
You know, you... you can't
just show up unannounced.
- Mom.
- It's OK, honey.
Do you think you could give me
a couple minutes alone with your mom?
- Dr. Geller!
- Yes, Marie?
We've been pulling data
from multiple sources...
and Darren started...
You know Darren? First-year Darren.
Well, Darren started accidentally entering
incorrect positional coordinates...
and before he realized it,
he'd pulled satellite data...
from several other continents.
Listen, Marie, I really appreciate
all your hard work...
and everybody's hard work.
But most importantly,
he also didn't clear the settings...
after each array shift...
OK, OK. We can start
dialing them back.
He was receiving
multiple overlapping readings!
I know it's normally a bad thing,
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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