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Бермудский треугольник

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Mr. Benirall, this way.
Wait here, please.
I'm gonna need more power
on this side, guys.
- What?
- Look at Benirall.
What about him?
Thank you.
Eric. You look...
I know how I look, Doug.
I'm sorry some of my people
showed up at your office yesterday.
I didn't know until you told me.
If I'd known, I surely would have
contacted you personally.
Well, as you can see, we've got
a little something cooking here.
Oh, but, of course, that's...
that's why you're all here, isn't it?
I'm grateful you came to me.
So, tell me, what exactly is it
you think that we are doing...
out there in the Atlantic?
They think you're performing
some kind of test out there...
some kind of weapons test.
We believe, sir,
that you are screwing with...
the molecular stability
of that entire region.
Are any of you physicists?
We may not have the expertise, but...
But we damn well know what we saw.
What we were experiencing...
Douglas, what the hell
are you people up to?
Have any of you heard of
the Philadelphia Experiment?
An experiment supposedly
conducted in the 1940s.
Story goes that the Navy rigged
one of its battleships...
with giant electromagnets and then
tried to mess with the molecular...
With the ship's
molecular fidelity. Go on.
They were trying to make it invisible.
But, big surprise,
everything went horribly wrong.
Sailors started disappearing
independent of the ship.
There were even reports of some of them
melting into the walls and deck.
But the Navy's always denied it.
The ship was the U.S.S. E/dridge.
The year was 1943,
the height of World War II.
The concept would, indeed,
render the ship invisible.
So, are you saying
the Navy's out there...
trying to do the same thing again?
Yeah, but if it didn't work
the first time...
Oh, it worked.
It just didn't work...
the way the eggheads
of that time expected it to.
And there was
one other repercussion.
That's the secret we've been
so carefully guarding all these years.
A tear.
A tear? What do you mean, tear?
A dimensional tear.
As in... space-time?
For some reason, it centered itself
out in the south Atlantic.
That area has always been a nexus
for unexplained phenomenon.
Damn it, Douglas.
If the Navy's always known this...
If you've always known this,
why haven't you warned anyone?
I've lost ships...
Ships? Hell, how many
innocent people have been lost?
Think about what you're asking.
A quarantine area
over 14,000 square miles.
How, exactly, do you suggest
that we do that?
Well, you could begin
by accepting responsibility...
and blame for what you've done.
But... and you never do that, so...
So, all these ships, planes, people...
where have they gone?
Through the tear.
Another dimension, another time.
So the Navy's actually known about
the existence of the Bermuda Triangle...
for years because they caused it?
So why is it taking
more of my ships now?
Why are we having these visions?
Because the tear has continued
to expand exponentially...
in size and intensity...
since 1943.
You know, we were the people who first
coined the phrase Bermuda Triangle.
Everybody always thought
it came from some...
journalist in the Sixties.
But, to us...
the Triangle always represented
that ever-expanding tear.
The increase in disappearances,
the distortions in space-time...
the aberrant weather...
that is all because
we are approaching something...
that my people call the crux event.
We've known
it was coming since 1971.
Back then, our scientists
were able to extrapolate...
the precise date and time
in the distant future...
when the event would arrive.
They determined it would occur...
at 23:06 and 19 seconds
Eastern Standard Time...
11:00 tonight?
What's gonna happen?
We have no real consensus,
but every opinion from every expert...
has always started with
the rather colorful phrase...
"God help us."
Well, you sound
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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