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Бермудский треугольник

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My God, what is that?
What's happening?
- Get us out of this!
- I'm trying!
Warning. Warning.
Warning. Warning.
Warning. Warning.
Stan!- All right?
- Yeah.
You gonna be able to get us home?
That's my definite plan.
...typically with weather like this,
it blows...
Floridians have been warned
to brace themselves...
for several days of rain, gales...
It was Heather's grandfather.
Why were you bringing him here?
It's his discovery in the Atlantic...
that started whatever it is
that's happening out there.
And he died in the crash?
He had a wife.
But what was it he discovered?
That the Navy is definitely conducting
some sort of experiment...
Well, that's not exactly
a fast-breaking bulletin.
...tests involving exotic matter.
That's insane.
Yeah, it is. I know.
But I'm telling you, I have interviewed
hundreds of nut jobs in my time...
- and this man is credible.
- He can say anything.
Yeah, but what if it's true?
Huh? What if it's true?
Exotic matter only exists in theory.
Yeah, but so did X-rays and radio waves
and atoms and a round earth.
Yeah, it's nuts,
I'll grant you that. It's nuts.
But what if there's even
a slight possibility...
that exotic matter exists?
That might be why the Navy's all over it.
This could explain the electromagnetic
anomalies and wormholes.
So they're screwing with time-space
hoping to do what, exactly?
They're building a weapon.
A weapon.
Come on. This is... lt's the military.
It this really so shocking?
You realize this could be the answer
to Benirall's disappearing ships...
to everything we've been
experiencing, all of it.
So, now that we know...
what can we possibly do about it?
Stop it. Hey, come on, Dad.
What do you think you're doing?
Ruben, listen to me.
Something's happening here.
Look at this storm.
We've got to go get your mother.
We gotta get out of here.
We gotta get away from Florida,
as far away from here as possible.
He in there?
Yeah, he's been locked
in there for hours...
refusing to see anyone.
Until I told him
you wanted to see him.
Mr. Benirall?
You OK?
It's like a vise.
Never felt it like this before.
He's painted everything.
There's no reflections.
Geordie suspected the Navy was doing
something out there in the Atlantic.
Put some Glenfiddich in that,
and I might drink it.
But how could anything the Navy's
doing out there be capable of...
Because... we think
they may be exploring...
some radical new energy source.
New what?
We believe they're developing
some sort of new weapon.
This storm...
Storms naturally build.
This one isn't doing that.
It's spontaneously generating
out over the Atlantic.
So, the Navy's controlling the weather
to develop a new weapon.
Well, maybe the weather
is just a symptom of...
This is bourbon.
Leave it.
What has any of this
to do with the Triangle...
and my ships disappearing,
and the damn visions?
Visions that you're all having.
What the Navy is doing
could be affecting...
the entire electromagnetic balance
of that region of ocean.
Can we be sure of any of this?
No, we can't be sure,
but if only a part of it is true...
Look, people are
still crossing the Atlantic.
The weather is hitting the state.
They've done absolutely nothing
about warning anybody.
We've gotta do that.
You mean, like,
hold a press conference?
Like, go on TV and say
the Navy's making it rain...
and making ships disappear.
That's very good, Mr. Thomas.
Just like one of your articles.
Hey, you asked us
to bring you an answer.
Well, we believe...
The four of us believe
that this might be your answer.
At least, all that we can uncover.
Only the Navy knows the rest.
Very well, then.
We shall ask them.
Them who? The Navy?
Is Douglas still in town?
I spoke with his adjutant
just this morning.
Douglas Wiest.
The Secretary of the Navy.
And he just happens
to be in Florida right now.
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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