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Бермудский треугольник

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Love you, luv. You newbies,
don't start the recorders...
until my tailbone
has crossed the threshold.
Shake it off and zip it up,
We're approaching center spoke.
What's my splash factor?
Looks like you'll be landing
over open marsh.
We got recovery fan boats
standing by.
That's Florida State Conservancy
land down there.
You'll probably get busted.
We're center spoke.
Right now!
All right, everybody.
Eyes wide.
You snooze, I lose!
This is one small step for man...
one giant leap for mankind!
Thanks, guys. You're awesome.
Totally awesome.
Bruce Geller.
The incredible Bruce Geller.
Need any help with bail...
there's a number in there
you can call.
Hey, who the hell are you?
How did you know where to find me?
Check the other three.
He's not in any pain.
Somebody has taken him.
They haven't harmed him.
He's wearing a... red shirt.
Dark red shirt.
There's a stain...
What kind of stain
on the front? It's...
It's chocolate.
I smell chocolate.
Who's this?
This guy
Stan something-or-other.
Used to be
some big lost kid finder.
He's offered to help.
There's a van.
It's a... very dark van.
Brown... No.
No, it's black. It's very...
Yeah, definitely black.
And there's a red stripe on it.
The driver of the van is...
I see gold. I see...
He's wearing a gold chain.
Damn it, if I could just see
a landmark or a signpost.
The van is stopping.
Oh, Felicio!
Here's your kidnapper!
Way to go.
Mr. Lathem.
It isn't your domain, Emily.
It doesn't matter
whether it's my domain.
This is a B.T.W. safety issue.
I observed it,
now we have to deal with it.
Below the water line safety
is my domain, Dr. Patterson...
and the drill coils we're using
are operating well within...
spec tolerances
for depth and pressure.
Well, then this 780 tells me
that you're either a liar...
or a liar. Look at it.
Something caused it to torque.
We're within specs.
This was a fluke.
If we have to shut down
to investigate...
Look, we're talking about
mers lives here.
Those mers lives.
Something caused this.
We owe it to the frontliners
to find out what it was!
Look, Emily, you're a pretty good
deep ocean resource engineer...
When you hired me, you said I was
one of the best you'd ever seen.
Yes, well, now I'm firing you.
What? On what grounds?
You're firing me for bringing to light
a potential life and death...
No, it is your safety
I'm referring to.
- Oh! My safety?
- Don't listen to her!
She's crazy! We want to work!
Section 21, subparagraph B
of your contract...
if I feel I can no longer assure your safety
as a woman on board this rig...
Look, they don't want to rape me,
they want to... kill me.
Just collect your gear, OK?
Company chopper leaves
in 20 minutes...
and I want your toes on
the departure line topside in 19.
Your attention, please.
Welcome to Miami International Airport.
Please maintain visual contact with
your personal property at all times.
Dr. Patterson, hi.
Can I help you with this?
Do I know you?
No, but I have
something for you.
How was your flight?
Howard Thomas.
Bruce Geller.
Bruce Geller.
Stan Lathem.
- Howard.
- Hi.
Any of you have any idea
why we're here?
You're here because I asked you.
I'm Eric Benirall.
My team, my experts.
Experts in what?
Exactly how much do you know
about the Bermuda Triangle?
Benirall Shipping Lines
is the largest...
privately owned shipping company
in the United States.
Over 700 million tons of cargo
transported every year.
There's a good chance that something
you're wearing right now...
something electronic
which you used today...
will have come to this country
on one of my 303 cargo haulers.
303 ships presently on the seas.
Six months ago, it was 307.
And a year ago, it was 309.
The Bermuda Triangle
is eating your ships?
When the first ship went missing...
I used exactly the same tone,
Mr. Thomas.
My tone has now changed.
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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