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Бермудский треугольник

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How do you know that?
The government keep you abreast...
of everything they're doing?
- It's just not possible!
- But something's going on.
I've got hurricane-level electromagnetic
readings centered 320 miles offshore.
Except there's no damn storm!
I'm going out there.
- What, in a boat?
- A plane.
Oh, better. Because it's better
to be flying while all this is going on.
- Come with me.
- Please!
We have an opportunity
to observe a manifestation...
of something that's going on out there
while it's happening.
We're looking for an answer.
The answer's out there.
And you've got a death wish.
You OK?
The, uh, images that I see...
always come randomly.
They're always unclear.
There's only one way I know
to actively bid the images to me.
You want to give me a clue here?
Just wait outside. Keep the door closed.
And, uh, give me twenty-five minutes.
Just twenty-five.
And then come back in...
and wake me any way you can.
- Come on, this is kind of...
- Just go!
Don was there.
Attention, whalers! You are in violation...
He... He died with the others!
Brace yourselves!
I saw him drown.
Hang on!
Take my hand, Don!
You definitely know how
to fly a plane, right?
What, you've asked me
four or five times already?
You just seem like the kind of guy...
who takes a couple lessons
in something, and you know...
- then loses interest, and...
- I've been flying since I was sixteen.
- Look, I'm flying.
- No, you're taxiing...
and we are about to fly
way out over the ocean.
WS 11 Alpha, req...
Oops. Not good.
Tower, WS Alpha 11
requesting clearance for takeoff.
That was a joke. You know, a joke?
Heh! Joke?
WS 11 Alpha,
you are clear to runway 29er south.
How's the weather look out there?
Visibility, 50 plus. Clear as spring water.
This is the only way
you could've done this?
- It's called auto writing.
- I know what auto writing is, but...
I can't be conscious when I do it.
I've tried holding the paper, but my hand
just pushes right over the page.
- This is the only way I've been able...
- Give me that.
It all looks like nonsense, though.
None of it...
I can't control what comes through.
It just flows.
I don't have any idea
where it comes from.
It's just if... if I enter into a state with...
some specific information
that I want or need...
Hold on a second.
I think I got a name.
I'm going to get some water.
Carl Sheedy.
Well, you think it looks like "Sheedy."
I think it looks more like "she pig."
Someplace else it says, uh, highway one.
Mile marker forty-seven.
You couldn't come up
with an actual address?
Or a phone number, maybe?
If this is where he lives, it's no wonder
the navy couldn't find him.
Excuse us. Ma'am?
Who are you?
What do you want?
It's OK. We're not here to harm you.
Who are you men?
What do you want here?
We're very sorry to disturb you.
We're actually looking for a man
named Carl Sheedy.
You're her grandmother, aren't you?
You look just like her.
How do you know her?
They... They say they're here
about Heather.
What about her? Who are you?
Are you with the project?
l... I assume this isn't regular turbulence?
You assume correctly.
We're being buffeted by weather.
Where are you going?
Don't worry. Autopilot's got it.
So, uh, why hasn't anyone else
reported this phenomena?
I mean, uh...
others have to have flown
through it or sailed it...
Not necessarily.
Right now, it's a relatively small cell...
in the middle of a very, very big ocean.
What is this crap?
Some of it's standard, off-the-shelf
weather monitoring stuff...
but this and those over there,
those are my own creations.
- Ah, you built these?
- Just part of my genius.
- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh, what?
We're still forty miles
from the center of the cell?
How powerful is this thing?
You keep saying cell,
except there... there is no weather cell.
- Look out there.
- Look in
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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