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Бермудский треугольник

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I don't know,
but I've checked it five times.
- There's something going on out there.
- Wouldrt other people...
the U.S. Weather Bureau, whoever,
be seeing it, too?
Not if they're not looking for it.
An invisible storm.
So, I saw you grab something.
What are they? Top-secret stuff or what?
If he'd kept any of those at his house...
the men in black
would've cleaned him out yesterday.
These, they didn't care about.
We do?
What are these, credit card receipts?
These are for Bertha's Restaurant.
These are from Beijirs Dry Cleaners.
So, you think Granger visited here a lot.
According to these receipts,
every other day for the last five weeks.
Hmm. You think maybe he worked
somewhere around here?
A navy base.
Thought you said he worked out at sea.
Well, maybe they reassigned him.
Or maybe he was working out there,
and they brought him here...
to help him, fix him or something.
Hey, don't work too hard.
I'm thinking.
This is what I do when I think.
Why the ocean?
Why build this huge facility
in the middle of the Atlantic?
We don't know it was in the middle.
We know generally where we were
when the sub got stuck.
The only reason they'd capture
and question us is if we came too close.
But why the ocean? Why the Triangle?
There's got to be a good reason.
What's in the ocean?
- Water.
- No, not just any water... seawater.
What is the foundation
of everything we've been talking about?
All water has resistance.
Seawater has lower resistance than fresh.
But that resistance is cumulative
per unit of volume of water.
You're losing me.
Look, if you were trying to generate...
an enormous amount
of electromagnetic power...
you would want to be sitting in the middle
of a huge puddle of seawater.
And one of the side effects
would be haloclines... lots of them.
But an electromagnetic storm?
Why would they need all that power?
Mr. Thomas.
The base information officer
will be with you shortly.
I took the liberty of checking
the navy personnel records...
for an individual named Granger.
Granger, William.
It's a common enough name.
We actually have two of them
on active duty.
A C.P.O. serving aboard
an escort destroyer in the North Pacific...
and a dental tech stationed in the Azores.
- Could he be classified as retired?
- That's all our records showed.
Anyway, as I said,
if you're still interested...
an information officer
will be happy to speak with you.
I'm still interested.
Mr. Thomas, wait in here, please.
- Thanks.
- What happened to your friend, sir?
He, uh, ate some bad shellfish.
I'll send him in.
No! Let me go!
Come on, let me go!
Let me go!
No! No! Let me go!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
It's Mr. Thomas, is that correct?
We've met before.
Who are you?
You're not permitted in here.
Please, sit down.
Yeah, I saw Heather. They have her here.
She's locked up.
You're talking about our elderly guest
in the infirmary?
Heather Sheedy.
She survived the plane crash.
- Why do you have her hidden away here?
- She's not hidden away.
Well, she has family.
Why isn't her family here?
She has a grandfather.
At her age? I doubt that very much.
I saw her.
I saw her.
I think we're finished here.
Stan! Stan!
We've got to find her grandfather.
Already looked for relatives.
Phone books, school records,
public records. There's nobody.
And even if there is a grandfather,
ten-to-one the navy's already got him.
I don't think they have.
Oh, well, then maybe he's wearing his
super magic invisible cloaking device...
because no one can find him.
I can.
Well, that much energy
has to be man-made.
It can't be a natural phenomena.
- Entropy.
- Exactly.
The natural tendency for energies
to decrease, not increase.
And that energy is building in the Atlantic,
so it has to be created by something.
The problem is
there's nothing mankind could build...
even in theory,
that could generate that kind...
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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