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Бермудский треугольник

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it's doing this to us...
I sent you out there to get me answers.
It's only been two days.
Yes, but it's all escalating
even faster than before.
We've all seen some...
some things, some events
in the last couple days...
that we cant explain, not yet anyway.
But whether they have anything to do
with the so-called Triangle or not...
How could you possibly think
they're not?
Whether they do or not, I think
it's time that you expanded our team...
and maybe brought in
some other people from other fields.
No. No one else. No others.
You four have to do this.
Look, Mr. Benirall...
I'm being pressured. The navy was here.
The navy?
They asked Mr. Benirall to call you off.
They came to me, doors closed.
They threatened me.
Directly threatened
our government contracts...
indirectly threatened a lot more
if we don't pull the plug.
Why would the navy want to stop us?
- We obviously struck a nerve.
- That place out at sea.
The underwater... whatever it is.
They, uh, they captured us
from the sub...
and they took us
to some high-tech facility.
The navy could easily have done this.
So what do we do now?
Find me my answer.
Thank you, Mr. Benirall.
OK, everybody. Let's...
Please. Time to go.
OK. What is going on?
It's simple. The government's
trying to shut us down.
- He looked worse off than we do.
- You know, I have a friend.
A friend of my kid's, really,
who died today. Navy guy.
And you remember that woman
with the brown hair from the facility?
She turned up at his house.
Uh, people?
Who's Krupp?
Benirall's gone
completely around the bend.
l... I don't think it's him.
My visions are nothing like this.
How is that we're all having
the exact same hallucinations?
It's not a hallucination.
Why the hell Nazis?
Something. Communism, fascism.
America could have taken a radical turn
at several points in its history.
This isn't all that outlandish.
You've been ordered to stop!
Sorry. Uh...
How can we help you, officer?
Officer? You can help me by stopping
when I ask you in the first place.
Listen, mate, we don't need to make
a federal case out of this.
You're Australian?
Don't move!
- Uh, son, just calm down, now. Just...
- Don't move! I said don't move, old man!
Excuse us.
I say we go to Benirall,
and we make him get us help.
He's obviously being affected
by this pretty badly.
- This isn't just about his missing ships.
- Oh, listen, mate...
I'm getting sick and tired of these
stinky little hints you keep dropping us.
There's something else. It's just...
- Enough, damn it!
- OK.
You, Stan, if you've not got
something concrete to give us...
keep it to yourself.
- You know, you are such a jerk.
- At least that was concrete.
We're not entirely
without a direction to go.
The navy keeps interfering with us.
I think there's a connection there.
This has something to do
with the Triangle, with missing ships?
- Our hallucinations?
- I don't know, but it's a lead.
Well, I'm with you.
Last people we saw with Heather
were the Coast Guard.
I say we work with the signs.
Everything we're experiencing
has to have an empirical explanation.
- If we rule out everything that's not...
- Whatever's left must be right.
We can work at my lab.
- So...
- So we're doing this...
before the dinosaurs come back.
Hey, boy.
Hey, boy. Hey. Hey, how you doing?
Yeah, yeah.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- You get what you needed?
- Yeah.
What's this?
You think he'll like it?
I don't know. It's a little young for him,
don't you think?
He's almost eleven.
Oh, no. No.
This is for Ruben.
This is for Dylan.
Who's Dylan?
What were you expecting
to see in here, Meeno?
We got onto it right after you called,
Dr. Geller.
At first, the idea
of seeking out an explanation...
for the Bermuda Triangle
seemed a bit odd.
Even for you.
And this is your explanation
for hundreds of sinking ships?
It's widely known, sir...
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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