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Бермудский треугольник

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right now,
why are you obsessing about this?
Because finding kids is what I do!
Look, I know that what I see
isn't like it used to be.
I'm wrong most of the time,
I admit that, but Heather is important.
Somehow she's important to all of this...
to us.
We're not even out there anymore,
so why is it still happening to us?
Maybe... Maybe we were
exposed to something.
I mean, people dump
all kinds of crap out there.
So your theory is that we were exposed
to some brain-affecting toxins out at sea?
- Well, that certainly makes me feel better.
- At least I'm trying.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I'm a smidge
distracted at the moment.
My adoptive parents
didn't even know who she was.
I always wanted to meet her.
God, it's been such a hole in my life.
Look, you said you never met her,
you don't even know what she looks like.
It's most likely a manifestation of your...
It was her.
It was her.
Whatever these things are,
they are not hallucinations.
l... I mean, it's like
we're seeing alternate... alternate...
- Realities.
- It's insane. I know.
It all comes back
to electromagnetic disruption.
Our thoughts, our senses
are entirely electro-chemical.
Maybe somehow
it's affected our perceptions.
First name, Heather.
And how are you able to get
into the airline passenger list?
We're a newspaper.
Well, you're The Observer.
You all right? Something wrong?
You having another psychic moment?
No. I can just look at you.
A guy I know...
killed himself this morning.
Right... right in front of me.
Almost in front of my kid.
And it, uh...
Anyway, these people showed up
at his house right away. Big, black cars.
Took charge of everything, and...
I swear that one of them
was that woman from the facility.
You think it was her,
or you know it was her?
It was her.
We got something here.
Flight 317, Wednesday morning.
First name, Heather. Last name, Sheedy.
Seat 31 B.
Look. Senior discount fare.
You see that? As in, she's old.
Just like she was
when we saw her on the ship.
No, they changed it.
See, they didn't want us to know
that she got on the plane as a child.
She was traveling with her parents.
Look, check the seat assignments
on either side.
Seat 31 A...
James Sheedy.
31 C...
Allison Sheedy.
Allison, see?
They put their six-year-old daughter
between them, like parents do.
I'm telling you,
no matter how old she is now...
she was a child
right up to the moment...
that that plane went down in the Triangle.
Yeah, good.
We'll meet you there. Bye-bye.
Well, she's back in.
I thought she quit.
I did, too.
What about Bruce? We should call him.
He's coming, too.
He was there with her.
Benirall Shipping. May I help you?
- Your mother?
- My birth mother.
Hey, remember me? I saw myself dead.
We have proof that the survivor
of the 747 crash was a six-year-old child.
Not exactly proof.
Hey, Ackerman, we need to talk to him.
Really? Uh... OK. Why?
Because what's happening
is now happening to us.
- I'll see if he has a few minutes for you.
- He has to.
Why wouldn't he? A few days ago,
he wanted us to bring him...
everything we could as fast as possible.
He's been in some sort of...
I don't know. He's acting...
Another one of our boats
has gone missing.
It's just a repair barge sent out
to tend to a stalled tanker, but, still...
Fourteen crew on board.
Maybe that's it.
I'll see.
Yes, but they aren't only hallucinations,
not... not in the classic sense.
What do you mean by that?
Tell me exactly.
They seem to be, um...
of alternate realities.
Alternate realities?
There's something wrong with us.
Ever since we went to the... to that region...
When did you first start having
these hallucinations? Tell me.
When we dove on the 747.
It's like something affected us out there.
Maybe something, some discharge
the plane was throwing off.
We don't know what it was
or... or how
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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