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Бермудский треугольник

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manageable. They all are.
We're less than fifty hours away, sir.
That's why I want them out of here
and handled.
See to it personally.
Anybody have a good lawyer?
I mean a really, really good lawyer.
We're underwater.
I saw it. Some sort of huge control room.
At this window, this giant window
looking onto some...
some mother of a superstructure,
all underwater.
- What do you mean superstructure?
- I don't know.
I saw it for a nanosecond, but it was big.
Maybe it was another hallucination.
No. This was no hallucination.
Get off me!
- Uh-oh.
- Let go of me!
Get your hands off me!
We're back in Miami.
This really isn't too much fun anymore.
We should call what's-his-name...
Benirall's kid.
Ackerman? Who's got his number?
Oh! They took my wallet, money.
Oh, beautiful day.
Got somebody to call for a ride?
I been working deep ocean
for seven months.
I haven't exactly kept up with anyone.
What about you?
Me? Sure. Twenty people, more.
Coworkers, students.
Any one of them
would be glad to collect me.
Don't remember anybody's number.
Not by heart, you know?
Real close to them, huh?
Give me that.
Who are you calling?
I'm, uh, calling my ex.
It's about Daddy and me, huh?
Helen! Helen! Helen!
No! No!
No! No!
No! Helen!
So, what now?
Look, I don't know about the rest of you,
but I'm done, finished.
What about our money?
So you're just going to ignore
everything that we've experienced?
Everything we've experienced
is exactly why.
What about what happened
to that little girl?
The money... what about the money?
We're all exhausted.
Why don't we get some sleep?
We'll talk about this later.
Hey. Thanks for coming.
Well, this has got to be
a fascinating story.
Yeah. Do you, uh...
Do you mind if we give my friends a ride?
No. It's fine.
Hey, Meeno. Olsers coming in today
to see a gorgeous paint job.
The problem is you haven't finished
the paint stage on the boat yet.
You know I can't get
the sprayers to work right.
In fact, I can't get anything to work
like it's supposed to.
When you gonna get
this piece of junk out of here?
You know,
I know you love working on it...
but enough's enough, huh?
Hey, you listening to me?
Hey, Paloma, how's that boy of yours?
Saw him at T-ball last weekend.
Heh, got quite an arm on him
for such a small fry.
- Thanks, Tito.
- Well?
Uh, sorry... sprayers. Yes, I'm... I'm on it.
Yeah, whatever.
Yes, I know that's your official position,
but I know there was a survivor.
- There were no survivors.
- Her first name is Heather.
Sir, I'm telling you
there were no survivors.
Look, I am not trying
to impede the investigation.
- I really just want some infor...
- Sir, there were no...
- I just need to know that she's all right.
- Sir, there were no survivors.
Look, will you please stop saying
there are no survivors?
I know she survived it!
I heard you, yes. It's a very different
economy these days.
Look, um...
you're the headhunters
who pursued me for my last position.
You had, like, six companies
that were clamoring for me.
Your word. I remember. "Clamoring."
Look, stop saying
it's a different economy.
I just... I just want... need some normalcy
in my life right now.
I just want a job, OK? Any job.
Sort of a "What am I doing here?
When the hell is the weekend"...
Kind of job. Yeah.
No, I understand.
Yeah, I'll wait for your call.
Sure, that's what I'll be doing.
- Howard, where the hell have you been?
- Marty...
I've got a paper to put to bed here.
You said you were taking
a leave of absence.
Calm down, Marty. Just listen.
We're not gonna put up with this
from you.
I'm coming in with a story.
- Whale of a story. Whale of a tale.
- Yeah, right.
Well, that's just what
a great journalist I am, Marty.
Yeah. It's a triangle story,
but this one's different. It's, um...
I got another call coming in.
Look, I'll have it in by the final bell.
- I've never
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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