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Бермудский треугольник

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like it's a dirty word.
There is an explanation
for everything...
that we are experiencing here.
Supernatural isn't impossible.
It just means we haven't
uncovered its secrets yet.
Hey, you're a psychic.
How can anything be
a secret from you?
You mean like why you're still
wearing your wedding ring...
even though you're divorced?
Something just happened.
The weirdest thing.
I was in the head,
there was this mirror...
I look into it,
and no reflection.
I swear to Almighty God.
I wasrt there.
Seemed completely real?
For 10 seconds,
I was not in that mirror.
That did it!
Reverse engines!
Dmitri, get us the hell
out of here!
All right, blow the ballast,
all the tanks.
Get us up! Get us up!
Up we go.
Hang on. Here we go.
That's how you do it!
All right, let's get some air.
Anybody got
a theory on this one?I got 'em.
...with parts of five separate
coastal cities still in the dark tonight.
Power and light officials
for the three counties most affected...
are still in the dark themselves...
over exactly what's behind
this unusual occurrence.
When you're racing,
you don't get to look around much.
Little more than two hours.
They've locked us in.
Who are they?
They spoke Russian.
Yeah. They spoke English, too,
before they... Oh!
They drugged us is what they did.
- Shh.
- Anybody out there? We're alive in here.
The sub... what about the crew?
Yeah. Where are they?
- Where are we?
- Hey!
You'll come with us, please.
- Who are you?
- Where the hell are we?
What right do you have to hold us here?
Military, government. Who else would
have taken us off the sub like that?
They spoke Russian.
We were in a Russian sub.
They probably thought
we were Russian.
What were they doing
in the middle of the Atlantic?
- Hey, take it easy.
- Where do they come off abducting us?
Excuse me, sweetheart,
you want to tell us where we are...
and who you are and why?
You are Howard Gregory Thomas.
I'd like to know where I am.
You reside at 9703 Emerson Terrace?
What were your parents' names?
Uh, Ira...
- Ira and Eleanor Latham.
- Right.
You were born in Skokie, Illinois.
Correct? Is that correct?
Yes, well, I was conceived in San Diego.
You immigrated to the United States
in 1998.
How do you know that?
Who's in charge here?
'Cause I'm guessing it's not you.
Currently you're teaching
and engaged in research...
at the University of Florida.
Where are we? Back on mainland?
We're not aboard a ship,
'cause I cant feel any pitch.
What the hell is this place?
And who the hell are you?
You are Dr. Emily Meredith Patterson?
I never use Meredith.
The only place you could know that
is from my original birth certificate...
and that's been sealed, but for
my parents, and they're both dead.
So how do you know that?
How did this come to be
in your possession?
Considering what that is, maybe
I should be asking you the questions.
Considering it's counterfeit, I think not.
And the submarine you were on?
Well, it was, uh, it was a... a rental.
A chartered whatever you call it.
They were helping us with our research.
- Research?
- Yes.
Research into what exactly?
- Do you have a more comfortable chair?
- Research into what?
Who are you guys?
Military, government, private sector?
The reason I ask, you see,
is I'm trying to figure out...
who I'm going to sue the living crap
out of for holding me against my will.
We've I.D.'d them. Identities confirmed.
Their story checks out.
The sub was a charter involved in some
form of research for Benirall Shipping.
And the sub crew?
Receded. But their backgrounds,
drugs, running illegals.
They're not going to say a word.
And these four?
Quarantine them.
If we keep them here,
it will only exacerbate matters.
We've kept them isolated.
They're plenty intimated. Believe me.
- One of them is a reporter.
- For a small-time tabloid.
Бермудский треугольник Бермудский треугольник

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